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Lola does yoga. Story to guide children's yoga exercises

Lola does yoga. Story to guide children's yoga exercises

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Do you like doing yoga at home? We propose a short story that will make your practice even more fun. 'Lola does yoga' is a story with which you can guide children's yoga exercises. While you read it, you can go doing the postures that he is proposing. It will be a very entertaining and stimulating exercise for the whole family.

This story tells the story of a girl who imitates with her body the different living beings that she encounters during her walk in the countryside.

Lola has been awakened the golden rays of the sun. They have crept through the cracks in your bedroom blind. What a wonderful day to go with your dog Lucy for a run on the meadow!

Lucy! Come with me! Let's go together to play on the field!

Lola loves to go out for a walk. She is very observant and at every step she sees animals and plants that catch her attention. She, very curious, stops to look at their shapes and he imitates them with his body.

His dog Lucy is delighted with the idea of ​​going out to have fun.

See you later dad! Lucy and I are going for a walk.

When you leave your home, Lola stands up, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Notice how soft, warm air enters your nose.

Mmmmmmh… It already smells like summer.

Take another breath without opening your eyes. The warm breeze moves her hair.

Near his house there is a path that leads to some pastures and a stream surrounded by colorful flowers. A flower with very white petals catches your eye. Lola stops:

Lucy, look i am a flower.

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He sits like an Indian and puts his hands on his knees. BREATHE Lola is a flower!

The girl and the dog take the path. Robust oaks rise to the sides. Its beautiful, slightly hairy leaves are like the ears of reindeer. Lola stops:

Lucy, look i am a tree.

Lola leaves one foot on the ground, raises the other below the opposite knee and raises both arms towards the sky. BREATHE Lola is a tree!

They keep walking until they reach the meadow. Lucy barks twice because she wants to play. Lola stops:

Lucy, look I am a dog, like you.

Lola gets on all fours on her feet and hands, stretching her legs. BREATHE Lola is a puppy!

Now they play in the pastures, they walk in the grass. They approach a small pond for Lucy to drink water. In the pond they find a small frog standing on a rock. Lola stops:

Lucy, look I am a frog.

Lola squats down, spreads her knees to the sides of her body and spreads her palms on the ground between her feet. Try to support your weight on your hands. BREATHE Lola is a frog!

From playing so much they are getting hungry. In the distance in the meadow there is a tree full of tasty apples. But beware! On the way there they have found a snake! Lola stops:

Lucy, look i am a snake.

Lola lies face down with her legs together, spreads her hands on the ground at shoulder height, and raises her head and part of her chest towards the sky. BREATHE Lola is a snake!

They finally reach the apple tree and eat a delicious apple. The taste is somewhat acidic and Lola's mouth water. The sun makes his eyes squint and makes him sleepy. Lola stops:

Lucy, I'm sleepy.

Lola lies on her back, extends her arms to the sides of her body with the palms of her hands looking at the clouds and closes her eyes. It seems like the air is floating. BREATHE.

That children's yoga provides multiple benefits both physically and mentally it is no secret. Yoga is a discipline that not only keeps us physically agile, but also improves self-esteem, the ability to concentrate, and self-control.

Children's approach to yoga, like all disciplines, must be through play. It is important that they have fun and that they enjoy the different poses or asanas. Exercise should not be considered as something serious and silent, but a session should be considered as fun as possible.

Children will have a lot of fun doing yoga, however, it is always recommended that they learn it from a professional who is trained to teach this discipline. If you are going to do the exercises at home, you should take into account some recommendations, which are included in the manual 'Stay in shape with yoga' of the California Department of Public Health:

- Do a 5 minute warm-up before starting. It is enough, for example, to walk around the house for a while.

- Do not force your body to do yoga poses for which it is not prepared and convey to your son or daughter the importance of listening and stick to your chances.

- At first, It will cost you to maintain the figures for a long time. You can start by holding each posture for what it takes to do two breaths.

- Accompany the yoga practice with a good diet It is the best guarantee for good health, both as adults and as children.

This story is a proposal in itself. We suggest telling while we perform the different postures with the kids. At the end, we can ask some questions to see what you think and what you remember

- Did you like doing yoga with Lola?

- What did Lola find along her walk?

- What part did you like the most?

- What other animals could Lola and her dog Lucy have encountered? Let's try to imitate them!

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