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Our Lady of the Angels Day, August 2. Names for girls

Our Lady of the Angels Day, August 2. Names for girls

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Angeles is a name for a girl of Greek origin which means 'the one who announces' or 'the messenger'. It is a name that exudes sensitivity and delicacy that can be perfect for your daughter. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is well known, especially in religious families. Celebrate your name day on August 2, which is the day of Our Lady of the Angels.

If you are looking for names for girls for your baby, pay attention because we tell you more curiosities about this name.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the importance of angels as those divine beings from religious tradition. They have transcended religion to become fundamental elements of Western culture. Angels or spirits that watch over us, accompany us and protect each one of us.

Angeles is a feminine name that comes from Our Lady of the Angels, one of the Invocations of the Virgin Mary in which she is considered the queen and lady of the angels. Did you know that this virgin is the patron saint of Costa Rica? That is why in this country many women and girls bear this name. The Virgin of the Angels has a beautiful basilica in Cartago. She was also declared by Pope John Paul II the protector of the Americas.

On August 2, it is celebrated a pilgrimage to his sanctuary in this Costa Rican city. This date, on which his saints are celebrated, is not by chance but corresponds to the day of 1635 in which a young woman found a small sculpture of a woman with a baby in her arms in the forest. He took it home and, to his surprise, the next day it had disappeared from the place where he had kept it. Returning to the area where it was found, he saw a carving again, which he took home again and disappeared the next day. This happened on several occasions, which was understood as a message from the Virgin to say that her place was in nature, together with the most humble people. On the site where it was found, the basilica to which many Catholics from the surroundings pilgrimage today was built.

In addition, Our Lady of the Angels is also the patron saint of the Madrid city of Getafe (in Spain).

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Although the name day of Our Lady of the Angels is the most celebrated on August 2, This day also celebrates the saints of San Betario de Carnuto, Santa Centolla martyr, San Esteban I Pope, San Máximo de Padua or San Pedro de Osma.

As for the calendar of saints for the entire month, these are some of the most notable dates:

  • August 1, Santo Alfonso
  • August 3, Santa Lidia
  • August 4, San Rubén
  • August 7, San Cayetano
  • August 9, Santa Edith
  • August 10, San Lorenzo
  • August 11, Santa Clara
  • August 15, Day of the Virgin of the Assumption
  • August 18, Santa Elena
  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 27, Santa Monica
  • August 31, San Ramón

In honor of Our Lady of the Angels, and taking into account its beautiful meaning, many parents have long chosen it to call their babies. It is a name that has been used for many decades, although at present it seems that it has been losing some popularity. Although it is no longer such a common name, it does not sound strange or out of date.

The name Angeles is known and used throughout the world, which has given rise to different variants, as well as other names of the same family, such as Angela, Angelines, Angelina, Angélica or Àngels. As you can imagine, Angel is the male version of this name.

Also, Angels name is very conducive to forming compound names. Perhaps the best known and most widespread is the combination with María (María de los Ángeles or Mariángeles). But other more original names can also be formed such as Ángeles Cristina, Victoria Ángeles or Ángeles Camila.

On the other hand, there are several famous women that throughout history have carried this name. Some of them are:

  • Ángeles Caso, Spanish writer
  • Ángeles González Sinde, Spanish screenwriter and film director
  • Ángeles Mastretta, Mexican writer
  • Àngels Barceló, Spanish journalist

In addition, as a curiosity of this name we also tell you that there are several the places of the world that are related to this Virgin. Perhaps the best known are Los Angeles in the United States or Los Angeles in Chile.

And finally, we talked about the numerology of names, which considers that names that share the same number have some characteristics in common. To get to the number that corresponds to all the girls called Angels, you just have to add the figures that correspond to each of their letters. So, we arrive at that his number is 9.

According to numerology, the number 9 in the name means that these girlsthey are usually very intelligent. They are very good at learning new things because they are interested and want to satisfy their almost infinite curiosity. This means that, in general, these babies are ahead of other children their age. This great capacity allows them to feel confident about themselves but, in addition, they can boast of being generous and tolerant with the people around them.

Given their charismatic personality, babies who are characterized by the number 9 often attract many friends around them. Angeles' parents should be careful that this' popularity 'does not go to their heads and they end up becoming despotic and arrogant girls.

After knowing all this information and curiosities of Our Lady of the Angels and the name for girls in his honor it will be easier for you to decide on this name or eliminate it from your list of possibilities. Remember: mark August 2nd in your agenda to give a big hug to all the Angels!

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