It is a frog. Children's play about jealousy between siblings

It is a frog. Children's play about jealousy between siblings

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If you have two or more children, you will already be an expert in trying to manage jealousy between brothers. To help your children reflect on this emotion, on our site we suggest you represent this script of a short play for children that deals with this topic. The representation is titled 'It's a frog' and you are going to have a great time when you become its protagonists.

Theater plays are an excellent pastime for the whole family: children have fun playing great actors, and parents and grandparents have a great time watching the children's performance. But the plays that we can put on at home are not only suitable for these reasons, they are also perfect for teaching important values ​​to children such as friendship, companionship, generosity, solidarity ... and also for learn to manage their emotions.

This is exactly the objective of the script of the funny play that you are going to read next: how to manage the jealousy between two brothers who love each other very much but often forget. It is intended for a few characters, but always you can adapt the script to add some more.

Work description: Once upon a time there were two brothers (the eldest was called Alberto and the little Felisa) who loved each other madly and had a great time together, however, Alberto couldn't help feeling jealous when the parents paid attention to his sister. What did he do then? Well, prepare a spell to see if Felisa would leave home ...

Characters: Alberto, Felisa, mom and dad.

Place of action: a house.

Necessary material for the staging: ordinary toys, paper and pencil and a lot of desire to have a great time.

The curtain rises. The two brothers are in the room.

Felisa: I love doing puzzles!

Alberto: Me too, although I have to tell you that I am better at it than you, you always take a long time to find the right piece.

Felisa: That's because you're older than me.

Alberto: I know, that's why mom and dad let me watch TV longer than you.

At that moment Mom enters the room.

Mother: Felisa, honey, come with me, it's time to brush your teeth. (Takes Felisa by the hand and kisses her)

Mother: Alberto, go picking up the puzzle, it's almost time to go to bed.

Alberto: What a nose! Felisa doesn't pick up anything!

Mother: Nothing happens honey, tomorrow she will pick up, it is that it is late and she is tired. (He gives his son a kiss and leaves the room with Felisa by the hand)

Alberto: (with a serious face) It's always my turn to pick up everything, Felisa never does anything and she always takes more pampering than me. This is not fair!

(Dad enters the room)

Father: Alberto, how did the puzzle come out?

Alberto: Well, but now I have to pick up myself.

Father: It's okay, I'll help you, but don't be angry about it, you know that Felisa is smaller and goes to bed earlier.

Dad and Alberto pick up the puzzle. The curtain closes.

The curtain opens, the children are in the living room.

Felisa: Mom said we can watch TV for a while.

Alberto: Great! I am going to put a chapter of my favorite series.

Felisa: Nothing of that! I want to see pictures.

Alberto: But they are a roll!

Felisa: (starts crying) Mamáááá!

Mother: (enters the room) What's up? Alberto, why is your sister crying?

Felisa: Alberto won't let me see my drawings!

Alberto: I want to see my series.

Mother: Let your sister see the pictures for a little while because she is smaller (she kisses the children and leaves the room).

Felisa: Good, drawings!

(Alberto goes to his room talking between his teeth because he is angry)

Alberto: (I walk to the room) I'm fed up! He always gets his way! That if she is smaller, that if she never picks up anything, that she is always read a goodnight story longer than mine ...

Alberto: Right now I'm going to write some magic words so that Felisa turns into a frog, so she will never bother. Or better yet! I'm going to write a spell for you to leave home.

(Alberto concentrates on his spell)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Alberto leaves the room.

Alberto: The same thing happened, look what thinking about Felisa turning into a frog or leaving home ... Luckily it won't work, everyone knows that spells can only be done by witches and wizards.

Mother: Alberto, have you seen your sister? I don't see her anywhere.

Alberto: (with a scared face) Oh no, I haven't seen her.

Mother: Nothing happens, sure he's with dad.

Father: (just appears on the scene at that moment) Where is Felisa?

Mom and Alberto: We do not know.

Father: It must be in the upstairs bathroom.

Mom and Dad go to look for Felisa in the bathroom, Alberto stays in the living room.

Alberto: (very worried) What am I going to do now? I'll have to think of another spell to get him back ... This is a disaster! I love my sister very much, I hope nothing has happened to her!

(Croa, croa, croa ...)

Alberto: What's that weird sound?

(Croa, croa, croa ...)

Alberto: It looks like a frog, it can't be, if the spell was for him to leave home ...

(Croa, croa, croa ...)

Felisa: (enters the house so happy) Alberto! He gives his brother a hug. I was in the garden, I have seen a frog!

Alberto: (with a relieved face) Good thing you're here! (He gives his little sister a super kiss).

Alberto: I love you so much! I do not want you to ever go!

Felisa: (with a surprised face) Where was I going to go? It's the same, let's play.

The two brothers shake hands and leave the scene.

The curtain closes. End of this short play about jealousy between siblings. Did you like it? Do you dare to make a family theater at home and represent it with the children?

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