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The star and his new friends. Short story for children about friendship

The star and his new friends. Short story for children about friendship

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How to talk to children about friendship, the importance of teamwork and solidarity? With this story, 'The star and his new friends' You will be able to teach the child that group work joins forces and that, when one cannot do something alone, together with his friends, anything can be achieved. In addition, with this short story you will be able to talk about friendship and work on such important values ​​as collaboration or cooperation with children.

Long time ago a star fell from the sky in the middle of a forest. The blow was tremendous and immediately a very red bump began to grow.

The little animals who slept there soon woke up to the noise.

- What happened? -they all wondered surprised.

"There, in the middle of the forest, there is a light, but the light from the fireflies is smaller," said Mrs. Squirrel.

Mrs. Fox, Mr. Owl, Grandpa Woodpecker, Mrs. Weasel, and Mrs. Squirrel came up at once to find out what had happened. When the star woke up, she saw that many eyes were watching her.

- Where I am? Who are you? - The star said surprised.

- We are the friends of the forest and you are in our house - answered Mrs. Weasel.

"But I can't be here! I must hang the Moon in the sky with my mother and the stars," he explained.

- Do not worry! U.S we will help you go up to heaven - they all sang at once - but first we will heal you - added Mrs. Fox.

While all the forest animals were having a meeting under the old pine tree, to see how they could climb the star to the sky, Mrs. Squirrel bandaged the star bump with a beautiful green ribbon that she had made from the leaves of a beech tree.

Some suggested that Grandfather Woodpecker would put it on his back and fly over the trees, but he was old and knew he couldn't climb that high. Others wanted Mrs. Squirrel to climb with the star between the branches of the tallest trees, but they feared it would strike again.

They were hours thinking of possible solutions, but nothing seemed to work.

Mr. Owl, who had been silent the entire time, finally dared to speak:

- We will all sneeze at the same time and we will cause the earth to move and thus expel the star upwards. But we must sneeze very loudly, so that our snort will propel it very high.

They all applauded the idea and agreed to sneeze very, very hard, on a count of three.

"One, two, and three," said Mr. Owl.

- Achisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! - sneezed the forest animals.

The star jumped through the air and ascended to the sky together with her sisters thanks to the help of all her new friends from the forest.

How precious is this tale of the star and the animals of the forest? We loved it from the first moment we discovered it! Surely you and especially your children, too! Now it is the second part of the reading and comprehension process: to know if the children have understood the message we wanted to convey to them. We propose the following activities!

1. Questions and answers

- What fell in the middle of the forest?
- What forest animals collected the celestial body?
- What is the name of the star's mother? Who were his sisters?
- How did the star get into the sky?

2. Creative drawings

Next, ask the children to draw a picture of what struck them most in this story. How do you think they will draw the star? And the forest animals? Let your imagination run wild!

3. The debate

Depending on the age of the child, you can establish a small discussion to go deeper into this topic. You can ask them questions like 'who are your friends?' 'What have they done and have you done for your friends?' or 'what do you value most in your classmates?'

4. Inventors of stories

Finally, we send you the following suggestion. If your children like to write and this story has touched their hearts, why not ask them to write the second part? If they are still very young, instead of putting it on paper you can do it orally and you can help them. This will be a lot of fun making up stories!

'The star and her new friends' talks about the importance of friends and doing things together, but on our site we have more stories and stories that can help you work with children this great value.

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Short stories are an excellent way to transmit and educate children in values ​​and not only to talk about friendship, but also about solidarity, empathy, cooperation, respect ... Do you want more? Here you have a selection of great stories to work with children all these teachings that will serve them so well when they grow up.

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