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Santa Cristina Day, July 24. Names for girls

Santa Cristina Day, July 24. Names for girls

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Cristina is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the one who follows Christ'. Over time, it has been shedding its religious connotations to become the ideal name for any girl. We are facing one of the frequent names that has maintained its popularity for centuries is to lose an iota of freshness. He celebrates his name day on July 24, which is the day of Santa Cristina.

Cristina comes from christianus, Christian, disciple of Christ. His devotion was such that it cost him his life. He was born into a noble family, in the 3rd century, near one of the most beautiful and currently most visited areas of Italy: Lake Bolsena.

By influence of his mother, was educated under the Christian religion. In favor of the poorest of Tur, his region (now disappeared by the floods of the lake), he decided to take part of his father's fortune and distribute it among the most needy. This gesture did not please her father at all, who immediately gave order for her to be punished. Some say that she had her breasts cut off, but that instead of blood came milk, and others say that she asked for her legs to be torn off.

In any case, the girl came out unscathed (they say that God saved her) and the father died of pain and remorse. Years later, three arrows were nailed to her chest and she died instantly. Currently his body is buried in the castle of Bolsena.

Because of the meaning of her name, Cristina has a personality shrouded in mystery Few resist, so he easily becomes the center of attention of his group of friends. Cristina has an emotional nature and stands firm in her convictions, as well as standing out for her generosity.

If we rely on numerology -science that assigns a digit to each letter and adding them all together, we have the number that corresponds to each child's name and that helps us to know their personality- Cristina is related to 3. What does this mean ? Basically that these little girls are communication experts and that they will not present any problem in the future to say things in such a way that everyone understands them and, thus, avoid possible misunderstandings.

As a 'negative' part, numerology tells us that we are before high demand girls, who require, in a first phase, the full attention of their parents and, as they grow, that of their companions or friends.

Cristina's name accepts a lot of combinations, both at the beginning and at the end of it. Thus, it is not uncommon to meet girls and women named María Cristina, Anahí Cristina, Ana Cristina, but also Cristina Adriana, Cristina Alicia or Cristian Alejandra.

The name Cristina is known throughout the world with some variations. We know Christine (in German), Kristine (Norwegian) or Kristen (English), in addition to their diminutives Cris or Tina, the latter very popular thanks to the overwhelming force of the singer Tina Turner, but there are many more that we will detail:

  • Aragonese: Crestina
  • Bulgarian, Swedish, Lithuanian and Croatian: Kristina
  • Czech: Kristýna
  • Danish and Dutch: Christina
  • Slovak: Kristína
  • Polish: Krystyna
  • Finnish: Kristiina
  • Basque: Kistiñe
  • Icelandic: Kristín

In any case, it is a name that gives off a lot of delicacy and that will highlight the incomparable beauty of your girl.

The strength of such charismatic women like former Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner may help you choose the name of the baby; Cristina Onassis, heir to one of the greatest and most mythical fortunes; or the singer Christina Aguilera, a true star capable of rising to the throne of pop music. The cinema also has various representatives of your daughter's name, such as the American actresses Kristen Bell or Kristen Stewart.

But if we look back and look within universal history we can say that Cristina, like Enrique or Guillermo, is a name of queens and princesses.

  • Cristina of Denmark, sister of Emperor Charles V and they say that a woman of singular beauty and great intellect.
  • Cristina de Francia, Duchess of Savoy, who fought to raise this duchy to the greatest.
  • Cristina of Saxony, queen of Scandinavia, lover of literature and sacred art.
  • Cristina of Sweden, Duchess of Bremen and Princess of Verden, was among the first to wear men's clothing.
  • And Queen María Cristina of Spain, who reminds us of the song 'María Cristina wants to govern me'.

Did you know that more saints are celebrated on July 24, in addition to Santa Cristina? Generally this monopolizes all the prominence, as it is the most popular name, but take note that others were recognized by the Catholic Church and celebrate their name day this day:

  • Saint Baldwin of Rieti
  • Saint Charbel Makhlufç
  • Saint Cunegund of Hungary
  • Saint Declane of Ardmore
  • Saint Estercacio of Mérida
  • Saint Euphrasia of Tebaida
  • San Fantino the Elder
  • San Jose Fernandez
  • San Juan Boste
  • Saint Wag of Lycia
  • Saint Niceta of Lycia
  • Saint Sarbelius Makhluf
  • Saint Sigolena of Albi

And, as a last curiosity and since we are in the month of July, we will list other saints of the seventh month of the year in case you have any acquaintances: July 25, Santiago; July 26, Ana and Joaquín; July 27, Natalia; July 28, Celso; July 29, Marta; July 30, Germán; and July 31, Ignacio de Loyola.

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