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Santo Fermín Day, July 7. Names for boys

Santo Fermín Day, July 7. Names for boys

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Fermín is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'solid' and 'resistant'. A name whose strength is implicit in its meaning that can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Fermín is very familiar and is a very appreciated name for the popularity of the Saint and his festivals. He celebrates his name day on July 7, which is San Fermin's day.

Many people, Spaniards and foreigners, associate Fermín's name with the Sanfermines festivities, which take place in Pamplona during the second week of July. Do you really want to know what relationship there is between this saint and this territory located in the north of Spain? We will warn you that, like many stories of saints, the life of Fermín could be a true legend.

San Fermín was born in Pompaelo, as that Spanish region was known before, in the 3rd century. He was the son of Firmo, a senator and high official in the Roman administration, and of a Roman noblewoman named Eugenia. With the visit of San Saturnino to the city, Fermín's parents were evangelized and he was baptized and raised in the Christian religion, although it was not until San Honesto crossed his life that the young man began to learn religion and oratory to con 18 years to be converted into a priest (some say in France and others in Spain).

With 24 years was appointed bishop of Amiens (France), where he built a church, and where he remained for many years of his life until he was beheaded. Legend has it that years later, the bishop of France brought a relic of the saint's head from Amiens to Pamplona. Fermín will also go down in history for being the first known bishop in Pamplona.

In all calendars, July 7 is marked as the day of San Fermín, but that is not something that has always occurred, and is that in principle the festivities in honor of the patron of Pamplona were located on October 10, but It changed in 1951 to coincide with the cattle festival and, incidentally, with better temperatures.

And, as with other names, Fermín has other dates throughout the year to remember and venerate him. Aim: March 11, June 24 and September 25.

Due to the meaning of his name, Fermín has a strong and energetic character. His charismatic personality is reflected in his decision-making capacity, his firmness and his generosity towards friends. In addition, Fermín exudes sympathy and a deep love for his loved ones, whom he does not hesitate to protect at all costs.

Fermín also has his female version, Fermina, less known if possible, but also remarkable. She celebrates her saint on November 24 and it is said that the girls who wear this name are very self-confident, very constant and very methodical. And, as an example and curiosity, tell you that it has gone down in history because there was a Spanish woman, Fermina Oliva y Ocaña, who embarked on the Titanic and survived its sinking, although she never wanted to tell anything about what she lived there.

The name Fermín is known in all languages, but it is more frequent in the Spanish-speaking world. So we can find its Italian, Russian or German form:

  • Fermín in German: Firmin
  • Fermín in Catalan: Fermí
  • Fermín in Czech: Firmin
  • Fermín in French: Firmin
  • Fermín in Italian and Portuguese: Firmino

If there is a color that comes to mind with this name, that is undoubtedly red, which is also chosen by the young people who run the running of the bulls at the Sanfermines festival. Chance? Certainly not because it is thought to have a religious tradition.

It is said that, just as the priests wear red to honor the festivities of the martyrs, the participants of San Fermín honor their patron with a red scarf. Before starting their race in front of the bulls, the participants remember their patron, one of the most bullfighting, with the song: 'We ask San Fermín, as our patron, to guide us in the running of the bulls, giving us his blessing' and you show this object.

At the end of the week of festivities, on July 14 and after the young people sing the song 'Pobre de mi', they all go outside the church of San Lorenzo, where the remains of San Fermín are, to tie their handkerchiefs.

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