Net to catch children's nightmares. Children's crafts

Net to catch children's nightmares. Children's crafts

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It would be great to be able to hunt down children's bad dreams to make them sleep better at night, right? Among the most fun children's crafts, we suggest you do this net to catch children's nightmares and that monsters and other beings that scare you at night will not bother you again. To do this, we are going to recover the art of weaving networks!

Weaving is a very old and basic technique used by sailors to sew their nets. And we are going to use it to make a beautiful and original dreamcatcher and nightmares network That you can place on the headboard or on the side of the bed.


  • Wool
  • Ruler and scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Feathers
  • Gomaeva

It is an easy craft to do with children and for which many materials are not needed. In addition, we are going to knit without the need for a needle, just with our hands! From our site we encourage you to organize this activity and enjoy all the benefits that manual work brings to your sons and daughters.

To make this dreamcatcher craft we recommend that you prepare your work table in a very special way, as this will make it easier for you to knit. We recommend work on a notebook or on a small rectangular cardboard or wood base. In this way, you can hook the end of the yarn to it with a clamp and it will be easier for you to knit. To do this, you can place the notebook or cardboard slightly inclined or vertically on the table, leaning them against the wall.

Remember take good care of your posture! To keep your back long while doing this craft, you can sit on the chair in the 'lotus pose' or 'half lotus'. In this way, you will avoid hunching your back when leaning forward and the lower back sinking.

If you are already prepared, you can put on relaxing music, or maybe you are excited and you want to sing? Do not hesitate! Put on your favorite music to weave the web. And now we begin the explanation step by step! Read the following instructions carefully. They may seem complicated, but if you read them calmly and with great concentration, taking the time to understand them, they will look great on you!

Often times, nightmares and repetitive dreams in children can become a concern, especially for parents. But did you know that dreaming is a readjustment activity carried out by our nervous system? Through dreams the mind releases from the subconscious what it needs, for example, an excess of information or activity, a concern, a fear ...

As you can see, even nightmares can reveal very useful information to help children overcome their problems. But let's take some of the iron out of it so we can all enjoy a deep, restful sleep. We started making our web to catch the nightmares!

1. To start knitting the net, you need 11 yarn ends (ropes). One rope 30 cm long and 10 ropes 70 cm long.

Place the cape 30 cm long in the upper part of the work base (remember that we recommended that you use a notebook or cardboard to help you weave), and hold it with tweezers by the ends.

2. Then fold the rest of the ends in half and tie them to the previous end, leaving more or less the same distance between them. To tie them, you can do a simple knot, like the one we use to tie our shoelaces.

3. To weave this little net to catch nightmares, you have to make 9 rows of knots as follows: As you can see, when tying the 70 cm ends folded in half after 30 cm long, the first row has been formed with 10 main knots, and 2 ends hang from each knot.

Join the second end of the first knot with the first end of the second knotTo unite them, make a knot like the one made at the end of the thread when you thread a needle; a triangle will form.

4. Repeat this process until you reach knot number 10, and tie all knots at approximately the same height. You just got the second row of knots! Notice that this second row has 9 knots and 2 ends are still hanging from each knot you have made.

Join the loose end on the left with the first end of the first knot in the second row, and repeat the process until you reach the last knot. You will see that rhombuses are formed.

5. Keep doing this technique to the end, it's very intuitive! You can alternate and make a row each one or make a network each.

Do you already have your network finished? You sure have been great! The time has come to decorate it to make it even more beautiful, and to catch nightmares better!

We have used purple wool, but you can choose the wool of the color that you like the most. Also, let's put some feathers on the net. We have achieved them by recycling a costume accessory, but maybe you can recycle a dreamcatcher that you have at home in poor condition, a feather duster ... or you can also buy them in stationery stores.

It is preferable that this step is carried out or supervised by an adult, because we are going to use the hot glue gun. Glue the feathers with a hot silicone dot in the final knots at the bottom of the net. You can trim the excess wool.

In addition to feathers, you can make rubber figures and also glue them with the silicone. How about cutting out some stars and a moon? Imagination to the power!

For decades, dream catchers have been hung over the head of the bed to protect children from nightmares. Legend has it that the Ojibwa, a Native American nation, believed that dream catchers worked as a filter.

Good dreams passed through the center of the dreamcatcher until they reached the children's heads while they slept, but bad dreams were captured in the mesh and dissipated at dawn, with the first ray of sunlight.

Our dreamcatcher and nightmare network works a little differently. Although its purpose is the same as that of a dreamcatcher, if at some point a bad dream creeps in, you can suggest that your child make a small picture or write a word or a message about what they have dreamed of. After, you have to hang it on the net dream catchers and nightmares Thus you will be totally trapped! And that monster or that fear will no longer bother him.

Constantly having nightmares can influence the quality of your child's sleep, since he cannot sleep straight away and suffers at night. It is well known by all that lack of sleep or poor sleep can have a very negative impact on the body and mind. But also, as the article 'Sleep disorders in childhood' of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics points out, childhood sleep disorders have an impact on school performance, mood, affect cognitive development, etc.

Getting a good night's sleep dramatically improves mood and contributes positively to the ability to focus on daily tasks. Therefore, below, we provide you with some tips to improve your hours of child and family sleep:

- It is very important to establish a regular bedtime each day. Sleep habits are essential.

- Eat dinner with enough time for your body to digest, so this process will not interfere with sleep. Of course, it is recommended to limit the consumption of sugar, but also foods or drinks with caffeine or a lot of fat.

- Take care of the environment the rooms so that they become a comfortable place.

- Prevents the family from enjoying screens before going to bed. Instead, you can practice yoga, read a story, or listen to guided meditations for children. They are very relaxing!

From our site we wish that have sweet dreams, and that in the morning you wake up happy and full of energy! Good night, dreamers.

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