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Children deserve to have a summer vacation, but so do parents

Children deserve to have a summer vacation, but so do parents

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This year mothers and fathers deserve a vacation! Life is what happens while we make plans ... and that is what has happened to us this last year. After a hard school year, in which we have had a lot of work also in the workplace, we have given everything with the errands, the organization of the house and the extracurricular ones ... The time has come to take a few days off and vacations . Just as children need a summer vacation, parents also deserve a few days of disconnection.

This vacation will be some very special days for the whole family. The days when there is no school and parents do not have to work, they are the perfect time to do fun activities, travel, rural tourism, enjoy nature (glampling, camping, mountains, beach ...) and even, Many families also consider having a wonderful vacation at home.

The point is to carry out activities with the children that allow the whole family to have a good time and disconnect from the tasks of the rest of the year, always within a safe environment. The idea is that the children have a great time, but so do we, their parents! If children deserve summer vacation after studying and learning a lot, we must also have a few days off. It is the best way to take energy to return with desire to give everything in our jobs and with our family.

For this reason, the plans we make in summer should entertain the little ones in the house, but also the older ones. Next, we want to offer you different options to choose activities that parents, children, relatives or friends can enjoy together, in a safe and fun way.

Although at first it may sound boring, at home we can perform lots of fun activities for kids and parents on days without school or without work: painting, cooking, doing crafts, playing, singing, dancing, drawing, reading stories, etc.

Another activity that will keep your children entertained for another good time, would be recording a music video, of a song or a dance, so that later it can be shared with family or friends.

Doing cultural activities in a fun way is also a very accepted option for children. To do this, you can hire a narrator to tell you the history of the place you will visit, dressed in the appropriate costumes and with a theatrical tone to keep them attentive. This option can give parents freedom, if they so choose, to give them a break, while they enjoy this moment.

Also, cinemas are also for the summer! Organizing a night out to the cinema or again, organizing a movie session at home, with popcorn or other snacks, and where the sessions have been chosen by each one by the family members, is a plan that can help you to be together and calm.

An activity that will keep them entertained will be the realization of a play, while they choose the roles, practice them, the costumes and so on ... We guarantee that there will be no children for a long time! Moment that parents can take advantage of to read, go for a walk, talk with friends, play sports, sunbathe or simply rest.

The top of summer for children is always in holding an adventure. So they will love it make a camping trip, both in nature and at home (you can make your own camping type tent, cushions and others, to spend the night all together).

Also, let's not forget that bikes are for the summer. Take advantage of the opportunity that offers us to have a picnic in a nearby garden or field to enjoy a day of nature. Going out with the bicycle will be an adventure that you will surely enjoy as a family, in addition, you will tire them and they will soon go to bed.

Adventure sports are options that are also very loved by the little ones, and for parents to enjoy with them: water canyoning, rafting, caving or caves with the family, initiation via ferratas, canoes or kayak ... they will make vacation days, days of great memories. You can also target children, and take advantage of parents to enjoy your personal activities or rest time.

Another rest opportunity for parents is, if you enroll your children in a course of watersports such as paddle surfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or kitesurfing ...

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Fathers and mothers, remember, it would be good to get your own time to enjoy alone or with your partner. To do this, book an afternoon or night with a babysitter or find an activity for the children that allows you to have your own disconnection time as a couple. It is a plan that you should not miss.

And of course, it is time to ask the grandparents or relatives to enjoy the children for a little while. And if there is no close family, surely you can leave the children for a day or two with some friends and then do the same with your friends. This will give you again the opportunity for parents to enjoy child-free time.

Happy Holidays!

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