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11 short stories to read to children in 5 minutes at bedtime

11 short stories to read to children in 5 minutes at bedtime

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One of the happiest childhood memories many adults have is story time before going to bed. This is a very special little time that you can also give your son or daughter every night. But, with how much they play and learn throughout the day, it is normal that they do not stay awake until the end of the story, right? So in our site compiled the best short stories to read to children in 5 minutes at bedtime.

Beyond being an ideal way to promote the habit of reading and provide wonderful learning for the little ones, the good night story allows us to strengthen our bond and help our little one to dream beautiful things. Sweet Dreams!

Before going to sleep, we must avoid reading to children stories that contain situations or characters that we know will scare them. If not, they will have a harder time falling asleep, or they could have nightmares! Therefore, the first stories that we propose are some very tender stories that will help your son or daughter to fall asleep with a big smile.

1. The mountain and the bird
This short story tells the tender story of friendship between a bird and a mountain. If you want to convey to your son or daughter the value of friends, who with their company and loyalty always accompany us, read this story in less than 5 minutes.

2. The disobedient Ruby turtle
When the Ruby tortoise disobeyed the orders given to him by his mother, he almost had a huge problem. Share this children's story with the children if you want them to reflect on their behavior before going to bed with an adorable little turtle.

3. A love without mistake
This children's story is very funny and tender, since it tells the love story between the letters M and B. It is a story with a happy ending that, in addition, teaches children the spelling rule that the M and B always they go together (instead of N).

The process of going to bed is not always as simple as we would like. Many children are reluctant to stop playing to go to sleep, which is why they cry and get angry. Teaching them good habits and establishing a routine can be very beneficial. The stories that we propose below talk about the different situations that usually occur at night.

4. Ana and the mouse club
Some children are very lazy to brush their teeth, because it means stopping playing and getting ready to go to bed. The same thing happens to Ana, the main character in this children's story: she doesn't want to brush them on any night, and in the end she always ends up getting angry with her parents. However, everything changes when he meets some cute little mice.

5. Nacho sleeps alone
Every night, Nacho went to his parents' bed, terrified by the terrible monster that appeared in his dreams. Luckily, his mother teaches him a trick so that the creature would never visit him again. This short story, which will take about 5 minutes to read, will help your child if he is also scared at night.

6. Goodbye pacifier goodbye
If you are trying to get your son or daughter to stop using a pacifier, this short story will be of great help. It tells the story of Simón, a boy who is also facing this process; a key moment that is synonymous with getting older.

7. The little Catfu
The cat Gatofú decided one day that he did not want to bathe anymore, because he did not like it at all. But, as time passed, her beautiful white hair stopped being so pretty and no one wanted to give her hugs anymore. What will Gatofú decide to do? This children's story, which will last about 5 minutes when read aloud, is perfect for children who do not want to take a bath or shower.

And we finish this small compilation of short stories whose reading lasts about 5 minutes, with other perfect stories to read before going to bed. All of them teach a lesson or a very important value to children. Enjoy them!

8. The lazy bird
Once upon a time, there was a lazy little bird who always put off the tasks he had to do for later. This laziness meant that, on the day the flock's migration was planned, the little bird fell asleep and all his companions left without him. Read the end of the story to find out how this bird will solve the problem.

9. It does not stick
Some siblings tend to fight (even hit each other) often, when they disagree and get angry. This is the solution they decide to take at the home of the family who is the protagonist of the story 'No se stick' to end the arguments. Would it work for you in your home?

10. Who was Frida Kahlo?
In the case of slightly older children, we can take advantage of the little time before going to bed to introduce them to the history of different famous people who, in some way, have left their mark on history. In this case, we suggest you read the biography of Frida Kahlo, turned into a children's story that it will not take you more than 5 minutes to read completely.

11. A surprise for Quique
What a surprise Quique gets when his aunt, who lives far away, comes to visit him! But he is even more surprised when he gives him a wonderful gift: a time box in which he must deposit a letter and some belongings. You will not be able to open this box again until you are 18 years old, when you will once again be amazed by its contents. Do you want to read the full story?

12. Leo and his bike
How well does your son or daughter tolerate frustration? It is an emotion that all children must learn to manage, although it is difficult! The main character in this story is called Leo and every time he falls off his new bike, he gets very angry. How come you haven't learned to ride well yet? Your mother will tell you a story from when she was little that will help you a lot.

Do you have the habit of reading a short story together before bed? How good! This habit has many benefits for children. If you still do not share a night reading time, when you discover all the advantages it has, you will want to incorporate it into your bedtime routines.

- Children feel more valued
As explained in the guide 'A story a day' of the National Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile, when a father, mother, grandfather, brother or teacher reads a story with a child, they are sending the message that you want to dedicate some of your time to it. This affective approach makes the child feel more valued and loved, which is an undoubted reinforcement of their self-esteem. Let's not forget that when children feel loved, they are capable of achieving everything they set out to do.

- We strengthen the bond between parents and children
As we mentioned at the beginning, this moment of the story will become one of the best kept memories for children. It is a perfect activity to reinforce the family bond and spend quality time with each other.

- We promote the habit of reading
When we spend some time before bed reading every day, we are incorporating literature into our children's lives. When they are older, they will continue this habit of reading before bed. What better gift can you give your son or daughter than discovering the magic of books?

- We help the child to sleep better
With reading, we encourage the child to relax and, therefore, it is less difficult for him to fall asleep. Therefore, it is a perfect activity before going to sleep; much better than exposing the child to television, mobile or tablet, whose lights are not beneficial to get a good rest.

- Benefits language and learning
For younger children, reading children's stories helps them to acquire vocabulary and improve their oral expression. Older children will also improve their attention, concentration ... they will even learn spelling!

And so that you never run out of short stories to read, here are many other titles that, without a doubt, you will also love!

Good evening readers!

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