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Saint Veronica's Day, July 9. Names for girls

Saint Veronica's Day, July 9. Names for girls

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Verónica is a feminine name of Greek origin that means 'the one who bears the victory', although there are experts who go to Latin to know its origin and, therefore, they assure that its meaning is 'true image'. this is one of these names for girls that give off sweetness and sensitivity, so it can be perfect for your daughter, just like its Berenice variant.

For a few decades it has been a frequent name because it brings a very original and distinguished touch while maintaining all the strength of tradition. Celebrate his name day on July 9, which is Saint Veronica's day.

July 9 is the date that the saints reserve to celebrate the happy saint veronica day. Therefore, in many homes in the world where they live with a Veronica, they take advantage of this day to make a special plan.

Saint Veronica Giuliani (also known as Úrsula), was an Italian nun of the Order of the Capuchin Poor Clares who was born in 1660. The date of her birthday is celebrated on July 9, as this is the day in 1727 on which she died. Coming from a noble family, it is said of her that she used to be a little mischievous girl. This does not prevent that, from youth, feel the desire to dedicate his life to prayer, despite the fact that her family preferred that she marry.

It will go down in history for his mysticism, once managed to enter to live in a monastery. There were several visions that he had (a chalice, a crown of thorns ...) and that he left reflected in various writings. That is why Saint Veronica is usually represented with a crown of thorns or carrying a heart in one hand and a crucifix in the other.

If we are talking about saints who bear the name of Veronica, we cannot fail to name the woman who, according to Christian tradition, offered a piece of cloth to Jesus during the Stations of the Cross to wipe sweat and blood from wounds. In this veil, her face would be reflected; the Holy Face. In the case of this saint, her name day is celebrated on different dates according to the customs of the different places: July 12, January 13, Shrove Tuesday, etc.

In any case, in most homes where there is a Veronica, they prefer to celebrate July 9 in honor of Saint Veronica Giuliani.

The name Veronica is known throughout the world, especially for its variant Veronique. Its diminutive Vero is also highly appreciated, which highlights the delicate nature of its personality. Although it is not so widely used, its variant from the Greek tradition, Berenice, evokes a whole world of literature and romanticism thanks to Handel's opera and Jean Racine's tragedy.

More or less frequently, Veronica is usually converted into a compound name by adding Maria's name in front: Maria Veronica. This is the most common combination, but you can choose others that also sound great like: Noa Verónica, Ana Verónica or Verónica María.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know that Verónica is also a well-known pass in bullfighting to which the Argentine singer Andrés Calamaro dedicated a song. But Verónica not only reminds us of literature, music and religiosity, but is also a very topical name thanks to well-known women from the world of cinema and television such as Verónica Blume, Verónica Hidalgo, Verónica Echegui, Verónica Sánchez and the admired Verónica Forqué.

Surely knowing all these curiosities about this name will help you to decide for it or to discard it if you have better options for your girl.

If you are thinking of choosing Veronica's name for your baby Or if your daughter is called like that, you will like to know that the number that corresponds to her according to numerology is 6. This figure is determined according to the value of each of the letters that make up the name. In this case, the following numbers would have to be added, until only one figure remains: V (4), E (5), R (9), O (6), N (5), I (9), C ( 3), A (1).

And you may be wondering ... what does Veronica suppose to identify with the number 6? Numerology explains that number 6 babies tend to be very sensitive and affectionate. Empathy is one of his great virtues, as well as kindness of heart and altruism.

Due to the meaning of her name, Verónica has an overwhelming personality and handles the art of seduction like no one else. With an energetic and dynamic character, it does not prevent him from wasting sensitivity if the occasion deserves it. In addition, Verónica is a self-confident person who sets her goals and achieves them thanks to her efforts.

If Verónica is one of the names that you are considering to call your baby, you will like these other names for girls that we propose. Like this one, they are long nicknames that convey great elegance. We tell you what is the origin and meaning of all of them, so that making the final decision on how to call your daughter is easier.

- Rebeca
It is one of those names that convey great bearing (and we can't stop thinking about the Hitchcock movie of the same name!). It is a Hebrew name that refers to ties.

- Beatriz
There are names, like this, that are reminiscent of royalty, right? It is also a Latin name that means 'happy' or 'blessed'.

- Virginia
A name with a lot of history that comes from Latin. It means 'virgin' or 'virginal maiden'. A beautiful name for your little one.

- Barbara
What do you think of this name for your baby? As an affectionate diminutive you could use Barbi. This name comes from the Greek and refers to foreigners.

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