Use creativity to surprise your children and improve their behavior

Use creativity to surprise your children and improve their behavior

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With work and the daily routine, it is sometimes difficult to find time to enjoy new and inspiring activities with our children. If you surprise them with little tricks that don't take a lot of time, they will be more receptive to tackling tasks and routines. For this reason, I would like to share some ideas that will help your little ones to live with more willingness and joy. And is that with a dose of creativity you can surprise your children and improve their behavior.

Surprise is a short, spontaneous and neutral emotion. It can consist of positive or negative moments, depending on the emotion that precedes it. When you amaze the child, you change the attention drastically and the brain is more willing to receive information and capture learning more fluently.

Likewise, surprise as a habit can help the child feel happier in your environment and accept daily activities with more enthusiasm and passion. In this way we encourage good behavior at home and help them cope with activities that may be boring for them.

If you hear someone say that this writing is useless, tell them that they are right, that they are typical nonsense of a society that does not know where it is going… After this I ask you: Has the perception you had of reading changed?

As you can see, this is not the context suggested by the writing. It is very likely that you have been amazed and that your attention has changed. This is the effect you have on your little one when you surprise him.

There are children who tire easily from playing or doing some activities. They live the routine with discouragement and lack joy. Television and electronic devices are among the culprits. If you are one of the parents who wonder: how to encourage my children? In this post I share some tricks: just you have to use your imagination and surprise (and its positive consequences) will come later.

Surprising our little ones is easy. With a little imagination they will be able to laugh, remember, project and, they will be more motivated to undertake new adventures.

1. Play to put clues
Hide an object so that it can be discovered later. For example, that stuffed animal that he used as a child and that he still keeps on the shelf in his room with other dolls.

2. Let's use the memory
Explain past situations that make you feel love and that fill you with happiness. For example, you can tell him an anecdote about that time he started walking. Remembering may surprise you!

3. Unexpected awakening
It's time to take advantage of the music! For example, wake him up with his favorite song. You are sure to be amazed and start the day with positivity and energy.

4. Give options for the same action
Ask him to do something and give him different options for the same purpose. For example, if your child doesn't want to wear socks, say something like: 'You can wear the socks here or in your room.' You can also do it with the action of tying the laces.

5. Change a daily habit
Modify or alter any routine that you have established in our day to day. For example, enjoy a picnic outside. What is the idea very appealing?

6. Make the most of the music
Music has powerful effects on people, as well as being a beautiful way to express love. For example, dedicate a song to him and ask him to draw a conclusion.

7. Surprise him with an unexpected phrase
Words can also help us in our endeavors. It begins with a calm question and ends with a loving and effusive phrase.

8. Arouse curiosity
Encourage their language with words that make them dream. For example, ask him to think of something that arouses his curiosity, and then help him find the meaning.

9. Tease little things
Tell him something that does not fit with the routine, that is out of the ordinary and what he is used to. For example, send him to sleep at an unusual time (perhaps an hour later because you have lingered with the moment of the story). Important: then explain that it is a joke.

10. Come up with different options for bath time
For some children the bathroom is a time for ‘tantrums’. Avoid them by proposing to bring a different toy so that he can enjoy the bath with something that motivates him.

11. Play the distraction
Children love when their parents play with them. It is a natural way in which they perceive love without words. For example, tell them that you are busy or that you are going to work and then surprise them by staying to share with them. He will love to know that you stay to play.

Ready to start the habit of surprising your little one? The more you do it, the better it will integrate the learnings of everyday life and the more happy you will live the experience. It is an investment of time that will undoubtedly bring you great rewards.

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