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Saint Paul's Day, June 29. Names for boy

Saint Paul's Day, June 29. Names for boy

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Pablo is a name for a boy of Latin origin which means 'the little one', although later, and due to the influence of Christianity, the meaning of Paul would become more related to the adjective 'humble'.

It is one of the most frequent names in our country, always in fashion despite its age, since it was already used in Ancient Rome. Celebrate your name day, among other dates, June 29, what is the st paul's day.

June 29 is not just any day of the saints, especially if your son is called Pablo or he is one of the names for boys that you like the most for the baby that is coming. June 29 is the date on which Saint Paul's Day is celebrated, in honor of one of the later apostles who followed the word of Jesus.

But, as we told you, the date of June 29 is even more significant for Catholics if we also take into account that it is also celebrated on Saint Peter's Day. More specifically, this date of the June saints receives the ceremonious name of the 'joint solemnity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul', in memory of the martyrdom they both suffered.

But, let's know a little more who Saint Paul was, since he is the saint who could give your baby a name. This is the sacred name by which we know Paul of Tarsus or Saul of Tarsus (for the city of present-day Turkey where he was born). It is possible that in reference to this disciple of Christ you have also heard the nickname Apostle of the Gentiles or Apostle of the nations.

And it is that throughout his life he did a great evangelizing work through different cities of the Roman Empire. In fact, he was the founder of different Christian communities and centers for the veneration of the faith. There were many who heard from his mouth and read from his hands about Christianity.

On the other hand, if we talk about this saint we cannot fail to mention his epistles and ewritings in which he tells us about Jesus and about his life. All this has made Saint Paul one of the saints most venerated by Catholics. Finally, he died martyred in Rome after being beheaded.

Many of the families that have a member named Pablo celebrate their saints every June 29, in honor of Saint Paul the Apostle. However, the calendar also includes other saints with this name who celebrate their birthday on other dates throughout the year. These are some of the most revered:

  • January 25. Saint Paul's Day at his conversion. This celebration also alludes to the Apostle Saint Paul, but referring to his conversion, rather than his martyrdom.
  • February 6th. Saint Paul's Day Miki and his companions in faith, in honor of the Jesuit martyred in Japan for defending his beliefs.
  • October 19. Saint Paul of the Cross Day, for the hermit who left his whole life to preach and found different houses of the Congregation in Italy.
  • October 22. Saint John Paul II Day, in honor of the beloved Pope.

Pablo is a very frequent name in other countries as well. We know his English and French form Paul, the Italian Paolo, the Russian Pavel and the Catalan Pau. All of them very attractive variants that you can use for your child. Sometimes it is also used Paul, as in Portuguese and Galician, which is the one that is most reminiscent of its Latin form. And his feminine is Paula, also one of the most frequent names used today for girls.

The list of personalities who have borne the name of your child throughout history is immense, given the popularity of the name now and forever. As we have already told you, Saint Paul was one of the most relevant figures in Christianity, so it is very common to find this name in the religious sphere, with several saints, bishops and many popes.

But there are also many painters named Pablo, such as Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Pedro Pablo Rubens or Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Music also has great artists named after your son, in the case of Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Pablo Milanés, or Pablo Alborán.

The name Pablo implies a reserved and mysterious personality. Pablo has a natural charm That enhances his capacity for seduction, so he succeeds in social relationships, also helped by his communication skills. He also stands out for his enormous dedication and capacity for work, and for focusing his attention on the family, trying to maintain their union.

We can calculate all this thanks to numerology, which according to the letters that make up a person's name give them one number or another and, with it, some traits in their way of being. In Pablo's case, the number 1 corresponds, since it is the figure obtained by adding all the numbers of the letters of his name, until reducing it to a single figure: P (7), A (1), B (2), L (3), O (6) .

To the features previously provided, we can determine that, since it is related to the number 1, Pablo is a child with great leadership skills and it costs nothing to guide and help those in need. Parents must reinforce education in values ​​so that this little one has a comprehensive vision that helps him better understand the world around him.

If you like the name Pablo because of the religious component it evokes, you will also like these other names for boys. Before deciding sharply on Pablo, consider these other names inspired by the apostles. To make your decision easier, we will tell you the origin and meaning of each of them.

  • Juan. If there is a nice and simple name, that is Juan. Of Hebrew origin and meaning 'the merciful', we can use it as a simple name or as a compound name.
  • Matthew. In addition to transmitting spirituality, Mateo is one of the most fashionable names of the moment among newborn babies. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'the great gift of God'.
  • Santiago. If you like elegant names with a lot of bearing, Santiago could be a good option for the baby you are expecting. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'the one who changes'. Among its variants we find other names such as Diego, Jaime or Jacob.
  • Simon. Also of Hebrew origin, it means 'the one who has listened to God'. Without a doubt, a very original and classic option for the more religious families.

Happy to all the boys named Pablo on June 29!

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