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Santo Pelayo Day, June 26. Names for boys

Santo Pelayo Day, June 26. Names for boys

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Pelayo is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'the one who can choose'. It is one of those names that emanate legend and history and that can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent, today it is gaining popularity thanks to those parents who like to revitalize old names. Celebrates his name day on June 26, which is the day of San Pelayo.

On June 26 the saint of Pelayo is celebrated because it was the day he died in Andalusian lands, specifically in the city of Córdoba. But who was Pelayo? He was born in Galicia, in the year 911, and his life was short, he died in 925, but very intense.

He grew up in a Christian and Catholic family, in fact his uncle, with whom he was educated, was Bishop of Tuy. Together with him he participated in the movement that supported the kingdom of Pamplona when this place was being besieged by the Caliph Abd al-Rahmán III. He was imprisoned for three years and lived through torture: Abd al-Rahman III requested sexual encounters in exchange for wealth and goods, but he always refused, which led to his death.

He was torn to pieces and dismembered and his remains thrown into the Guadalquivir River, but thanks to a group of good Christians, part of his body was buried in the San Ginés cemetery and his head taken to San Cipriano. But this is not where they are currently (in case you want to visit them): his body was transferred to Oviedo in 990 and in the Benedictine monastery of San Pelayo de Antealtares, in Santiago de Compostela, there is an arm.

Due to the meaning of his name, Pelayo has an overwhelming personality and a strong and energetic character. Pelayo triumphs in social relationships because of his sympathy and his capacity for seduction, and he is also the fundamental figure in his family nucleus. His bravery and courage make Pelayo a winner at work too.

He name Pelayo It is not well known outside the Spanish-speaking world, because despite its Greek origin, its popularity is due to the famous Asturian king who fought against the Muslims and starred in countless legends in the context of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

There are many localities in Spanish lands that have received the name of San Pelayo in honor of this saint (also one in Colombia), as well as hermitages, seminaries and monasteries baptized with this name.

In any case, Pelayo belongs to that group of names with tradition and tradition that provide dignity, nobility and a lot of originality to those who wear it. A name that prints strength of character and with which any child can identify.

In addition to the mythical Asturian king, we meet several characters named Pelayo, such as the historian Pelayo Quintero Atauri or the painter Pelayo Ortega. But it is better known as a surname, especially if we remember the humanist Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo.

And now that you know the life of San Pelayo and you have discovered some historical data about him, it is time to talk about how this name can determine some traits in the personality of your child and, for this, we are going to use numerology.

Each letter of this name hides a digit (P-7, E-5, L-3, A-1, Y-7 and 0-6) and, when adding them all until there is only one left (29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 2), we will get clues about what the character of the children named like that is or will be. Do you want to discover the good side and something less good of these children?

- Positive traits
They are a children's sweetheart! Generous, supportive and cooperative, they are always waiting to lend a hand to their friends or whoever needs it. This shows how mature they can be and clashes a bit with their shyest part, who leave it behind to be next to others.

- Negative traits
Your strengths and positives can be turned against you when someone, knowing them, tries to take advantage of them. The innocence of these children will make them not realize it and, in the end, they end up suffering and even having self-esteem problems.

Perhaps the Greek origin de Pelayo has made you choose this name because you are in love with this culture. If so and you want to see more options before deciding on Pelayo, here are some beautiful Greek name ideas for your baby.

  • Alexander
    It means defender, helper and guardian of people, in other words, it is a name that means strength or protection. It was the name given to one of the greatest kings of the Earth, Alexander the Great, and it has enjoyed great popularity for a few decades.
  • Cease
    It means 'to be hairy or to have long head or hair'. This generally refers to hair that is blue-gray in color. One of the most popular people with this name was Julius Caesar. There are three dates in the calendar of saints to celebrate their name day: March 15, April 15 and August 26.
  • Darius
    Greek name that comes, in turn, from the Persian Darayavahush, a compound of two words: 'darya', which means rich or protector, and 'vahu', which means 'good'.
  • Nicholas
    'Triumph of the people' would be its meaning. Nicolás has been a very popular male name for centuries and in different localities around the world. One of the famous bearers was Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Lyra, who probably served as an inspiration for Santa Claus.

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