11 pool games popular with kids

11 pool games popular with kids

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Summer is linked to days of leisure, games, and fun. Children seek to fill their free time and refresh themselves. How? The coast or the mountains can be a good remedy, especially if we are looking for some games for the pool or the beach that make children enjoy.

In the event that your child likes the pool, surely you have seen him play one of these activities. If you don't know them yet, now is the time to write them down. There are 11 games for the pool very popular among children And surely your son also likes them.

The most normal thing is for children to have fun in the pool. Some could spend hours and hours there without stopping. The reason is that in addition to cooling off, it is an inexhaustible place of fun and games with which they can also spend time with other children and improve their social skills.

We offer you a list of 11 very popular pool games for children. Many of them you will already know. Others may be a true and wonderful discovery:

1. Show jumping
A classic among the classics, the jumping contest. Always with caution, avoiding risky jumps backwards and jumps close to the curb, the jumping contest can be motivating and a lot of fun. You can ask your child to jump in different ways.

For example: 'jump with your arms together', 'jump with your legs spread', 'ballerina jump', 'hummingbird jump' ... Then you must score each of the jumps. Obviously, it will always be more fun if several children participate in the game.

2. Marco Polo
All participants must be in the water. The one who 'gets it' will have his eyes closed. The rest of the children should be placed around him. The child who 'hooks up' should say 'Marco'. The rest of the participants will answer 'Polo', from the place where they are. If they move, they must constantly say 'Polo'.

The child who chases the rest of the classmates with his eyes closed will be guided by the voice, so he will have to constantly repeat 'Marco' for the rest to answer 'Polo' and thus locate them as they move. The kid who chases the rest can dive to go faster. The rest, no. They can only move by walking or swimming.

3. The treasure hunt
This game is ideal for children who really like to dive. And if you do it in the area that it does not cover, younger children can also participate. The children must all be in the water. You should throw something that sinks into the water and that is colorful or shiny: a colored ring, a large coin or some shiny object. Participants must close their eyes the moment you drop the 'treasure' and look for it, with their eyes open and diving, when you say 'Now'. Children, of course, must wear diving goggles.

4. The dodgeball
It is played with a pool ball, squishy. At least three children must participate (many more can play). Two of the children will face each other, leaving enough space between them, and the rest of the participating children will be in that space, between the other two children. The game consists of trying to hit the ball at the 'prisoners' who are in the area that separates one child from the other.

As they hit a child with the ball, it will be eliminated. The last child left will win. In the event that only three children participate, as soon as one of the children who throws the ball to the child who tries to avoid it, it will be exchanged for him. The one who has given you will be placed in the prisoner zone and the prisoner in the caster zone.

5. Water polo
It can be practiced in the area where it does not cover so that children tire less. It is a sport similar to handball but in the water. There will be two goals (they can be imaginary) and two or more players who will have to try to score with a small ball and shoot with their hand.

6. Run, I get you
It is a game similar to 'pilla-pilla' but in the water, that is, a child will have to chase the rest and catch them. To do this you can walk or swim.

7. Shark
Very similar to the pilla pilla, with the added bonus that the one who chases the rest of the children is a 'shark', and can give a small pinch or make a fake bite when catching one of the children who are trying to escape from its jaws . The child who plays the shark can only move around by swimming.

8. Synchronized swimming
It consists of doing dance movements in the water. If many children participate, it will be more fun, since they must all imitate the movement that you or one of the children who participate in the choreography propose.

9. The bridge
It is a game for the pool area where it does not cover. One of the children will be the 'bridge' and must be like a statue. You will need to remain still and with your legs open for the rest of the children to dive below. The same can also be done with a hoop. This is how they will test their skill and agility!

10. Swim like animals
Your child will discover a lot about animals by trying to imitate their way of swimming. Suggest a series of animals to your child and ask him to swim like them. For example ... 'Nothing like a dolphin', 'Nothing like a puppy' ...

11. Guess what song it is
The game is simple and fun. Two or more children can participate. One of them must sing a song ... but underwater! The rest of the participants, diving, must guess what song it is.

The pool can be a lot of fun for all children, but we must also bear in mind that it is an environment in which dangerous accidents or drowning can occur. Therefore, when we are with our children in the pool, we cannot forget to take the following precautions into account.

- Do not take your eyes off the children, never!
In the pool, children should always be under the supervision of an adult. Swimming pools often have a lifeguard, but to make sure our child is not at risk, we must never take our eyes off him. In less than a second a dangerous accident can occur. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics adds that we must be close to our children, at a distance less than our arm's length.

- Teach children to float and swim
Although we should always be close to our children, it does not hurt to teach them to float or swim from a young age. In this way, if they fall into a pool, they will know how to stay afloat.

- Around the pool, no running
The surfaces of the edges of the pools can be very slippery, so we must prevent children from running or jumping. In this way, we will avoid falls (which could end in dangerous blows to the head). Also, it is recommended that children wear proper shoes to avoid slipping.

- Fencing pools to avoid scares
Whenever possible, it is recommended to put a fence around a pool, securely and closed, so that children cannot fall into the water.

- Have knowledge of first aid
All parents should have knowledge of first aid, as these could be useful at any time.

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