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16 stories to distract children in the coronavirus quarantine

16 stories to distract children in the coronavirus quarantine

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Experts agree: the best way to fight the spread of the coronavirus is to stay home. Minimizing the number of times we go out is a sacrifice for everyone, but when we have children, in addition to being a sacrifice, it is a great challenge. What can we do to entertain and distract children during coronavirus quarantine? On our site we have a great solution: children's stories!

If it is always a great idea to sit down together, as a family, around a book ... now more than ever reading is an entertainment that cannot be missed at home! Here are some short stories for children that convey values, morals, reflections, etc. All of them chosen for times of coronavirus.

We begin this compilation of stories with some stories that help us educate children in values. All of them are excellent tools to pass on to our children some lessons that will help them better understand this moment of crisis, but that will also serve as teaching for their day to day or their future.

1. The lazy bird
What does it mean to be lazy? The protagonist of this story will find out when he realizes that, being a bit vague, he has not had time to prepare for the migration and his entire flock has left without him.

2. Itzelina and the rays of the sun
Itzelina wanted to catch all the sunlight for herself, but the rest of the animals and plants needed them too. Will the girl reflect and realize that it is necessary to share and think about others? Share this story with your children and discover it together.

3. Laura changes city
Due to her parents' work, Laura had to change schools. He was afraid that his new companions would not want to be his friends. But, luckily, they knew how to put themselves in his place and helped him a lot in his adaptation. This story tells children about respect, friendship, and empathy.

4. Pedrito, the snail, and the slug
The snail wanted to make friends, but all the slugs laughed at him because he carried his house on his back. However, one of them saw that having a shell had many advantages, for example, on rainy days. Pedrito, in an act of generosity, helped him find his own shell.

The stories that we propose below talk about different behaviors of children on which they have to reflect. You can use the following stories to help your children understand why they need to change some of their behaviors.

5. The Pinchón Hedgehog
For children to have tantrums is normal (even positive, since they learn to express emotions such as anger or frustration). However, we must help them understand how they feel and how they can handle this angry moment. This is what Pinchón, the protagonist of this story, learns when he wakes up one day with his spikes very hard and up and very little desire to play.

6. Damien, the child of tears
Damien spent the whole day crying and crying and crying ... He cried so much, that his shirt was always wet. Would they end up flaking like fish from always having wet clothes? Share this story with your children.

7. Carola's nightmare
Carola kept talking badly to her parents and telling them that she wanted to have another mother and another father. When Carola threatened to leave home, they agreed and even helped her pack her suitcase. Soon Carola realized her big mistake ... and thank goodness it was just a nightmare!

8. A lesson for Clotilde
Clotilde loved to tell stories, however, one day she had to stop doing it because she couldn't even open her mouth. All the fingernails that he had bitten had gotten caught in his cheeks! How will the girl protagonist of this story solve the problem?

9. The pompous bear
The wolf was laughing at Pomposo bear for the funny shirt and pants he had put on. However, that was the kind of clothes the bear liked the most, he looked so handsome! Would she have to change her way of dressing just because the wolf was laughing? The animals of the forest will help you to realize that it was wonderful just the way it was.

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Children's stories are also a very useful tool for the emotional education of the little ones in the house. Thanks to the characters in the stories, children see the different emotions exemplified and learn to name and manage them.

10. The city without colors
One day when Violeta woke up she saw that her entire room had run out of colors. And when he looked out the window, the whole city was in black and white! According to her neighbor, this change was due to the fact that people were sadder than ever ... Would a smile bring color back to the city? Find out with this story!

11. Alfredo's sadness
Alfredo did not feel like playing with his friends, or laughing, or running ... What was the boy feeling? Her friend Raquel helped her realize that it was all called 'sadness' and that sometimes it was normal to feel sad. With this story you can talk about this basic emotion to your children.

12. We sing to fears
All children are afraid, it is normal, it also happens to us adults. However, the children in this story find that when they all sing together, they feel much more courageous and forget about their fears.

13. The boy with the nails
The boy who was the protagonist of this story sometimes got very angry and frustrated. It sure happens to your child sometimes too! Well, the father in the story teaches him a way to feel better and learn to understand what anger is.

When choosing the stories that we are going to read with our children, we must take into account their age and tastes. Only in this way will we get the story to catch your eye and learn from the content. Here are some stories designed for children according to their age.

14. The chick Llito (Story for babies)
This sweet story is a story that you can share with your baby. It tells the story of a chick that cannot find its family. Luckily, your animal friends will help you. peep!

15. The disobedient Ruby turtle (Story for children from 3 to 5 years old)
One day Ruby's mom asked her to take care of her little sisters while she went running some errands. However, the turtle did not fulfill its responsibility and ... Discover the end of this story!

16. Carlitos is going to live in the virtual world (Story for children from 6 to 8 years old)
Carlitos spent all day playing with the game console, watching videos on his mobile, testing the tablet ... He spent so much time looking at a screen that the day came when he could not distinguish what was the real world and what was the virtual world . This story will make your children think!

Some parents may choose for these days of confinement to read some children's stories to the little ones of the house in which the protagonists, like our family, must stay inside the house, without going out. Let's see some examples of classic titles that could fit the stories you are looking for these days:

- Rapunzel
Do you remember the story of Rapunzel? It tells the story of a princess who must stay locked in a high tower, guarded by a dragon (according to some versions of the story), to survive. Ah, we forgot a little detail! Rapunzel's hair was so long that the prince who came to save her was able to climb up her braid until he reached her window. A classic tale that we can surely cover with a more modern touch in which the princess saves herself, right?

- The three Little Pigs
A little pig made a straw house, but the wolf blew and managed to throw it away. Another pig made the wooden house and also the big bad wolf managed to knock it down with a blow. How lucky that the older brother had built the brick house and the wolf could not with it. The three leading pigs could be locked up there until the wolf disappeared.

- Cinderella
It's a bit sad to think about it, but the truth is that Cinderella was also locked up in her stepmother's castle, very busy with household chores ...

And here are many other educational resources just as fun to make these days of quarantine much more enjoyable.

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