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75 short sayings for children about August to learn as a family

75 short sayings for children about August to learn as a family

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A very entertaining and fun activity to do with your children is learning sayings. The Spanish proverb is full of popular sayings that teach important values ​​such as responsibility or generosity, so a creative, educational and playful idea is to learn the proverbs for each month of the year. Here you have 75 curious short sayings for children about the month of August.

Surely if you know someone who knows many proverbs, they have come to surprise you more than once how they relate life events to the popular proverb. And is that people who know many sayings have a baggage of knowledge that they can apply in their day to day in a useful and proactive way. And this has been the case all my life!

For this reason, the same Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language recognizes the expression ‘having sayings for everything’, which colloquially refers to the one who always has exits or excuses for everything. So traditionally those who know a lot of sayings are something like 'smarties'Yes, of the good ones, of those who always have the resources to advance and develop in life.

On our site we want you to have a great time learning proverbs with your children. Therefore, we have compiled all the sayings of the month of august from the Spanish proverb. But first, we want to remember that these sayings refer to the Mediterranean climate of the Iberian Peninsula in the northern hemisphere, therefore, if you live in another geographical area, perhaps the sayings of this month vary a little due to the climatic difference. With that said, here they go!

1. In August and January do not sunbathe without a hat
Did you know that August and January are the months where the sun is most powerful? That is why it is better to avoid direct sun exposure.

2. Do not be in the sun without a hat, neither in August nor in January
A variant of the previous saying.

3. August dries up the fountains and September takes away the bridges
Traditionally, August was a very dry month, while September was the opposite, a wet month with a lot of rain.

4. August fries the face
And so much! Your face can look like a crab if you don't take care of your skin with sunscreen.

5. August fries the face, but at night cold on the face
A version of the previous one, but to remember that August nights are colder, so it is important to always have something on hand to warm up a bit.

6. August makes the must
It is the month where the grapes ripen thanks to the sun, which helps to generate good wines.

7. Whether it rains or not, in August the garden waters
In Spain it is important to water the orchard and garden daily in August, otherwise it could dry out.

8. Neither walking in August nor sailing in December
As in the middle of winter, it is not advisable to go to sea due to storms, in August the worst thing you can do is walk excessively, especially in hot hours and in full sun.

9. By the Virgin of August at seven it is already dark
According to Catholic tradition, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated on August 15. This popular saying refers to the fact that from this date the days begin to be shorter and it gets dark earlier.

10. At seven in August, shadow on the face
After passing July, the month with the longest days of the year, in August the evening twilight comes early, so it gets dark a little earlier.

11. August burn, September drink
A good way to learn that the usual Spanish climate is that it is very hot in August and the first rains begin in September.

12. In August at sunset I don't know you
This saying has to do with the fact that in August it gets dark much earlier.

13. August everything dries up, except the face
During the month of August, the heat is so intense that grasses and plants dry out easily, due to evaporation. But on the contrary, the heat makes the face sweat excessively.

14. April Serrano, go on errand; serrano de Agosto nor for water to the well
You are right! If your children don't want to run an errand in August, don't blame them, because in the heat it is, they don't feel like doing anything!

15. April afternoons, go where you have to go, you will come to your house to sleep; those of August or for water to the well
A shorter version of the previous saying.

16. In the early mornings of August the old man and the waiter are cold
If your children don't want to bundle up to sleep in August, remind them of this saying. No matter how old you are, you will be cold in the early hours of August.

17. August water annoys the era; but fix the stubble
Formerly, the storms of August wet the flocks of the threshing floor, but on the other hand, this rain came very well to the pastures, which when refreshed they turned green again.

18. In August the storms are hard and violent
It is common for storms to be like this in August in Spain, but they always end up passing.

19. In August, in the field the work is beautiful
This saying is widely used in growing areas, because if you start preparing the land in August, plowing and fertilizing it, then your crops will be very rich.

20. Who in August plows, pantry prepares
The popular saying advises to start preparing the land in August for planting.

21. Who in August plows, wealth prepares
A similar saying related to preparing the land for sowing.

22. He who does not thresh in July does not sheaf
A saying referring to the cultivation of wheat. In July it is threshed (the grain is separated from the chaff) and in August it is sheaf (grouping the wheat to favor its drying).

23. Who does not thresh in August, threshes with a bad face
Also in August cereals are threshed, so this saying has a double meaning. Whoever does not work in threshing will end up spoiling the wheat and will be very worried.

24. In August the sloth threshes
Another saying, which speaks of the threshing process, which for many had to be in July, not August.

25. August with rain, sure harvest
Although storms are very bad for dry August crops, moderate rain is always good.

26. If it happens to be stormy, August will be sad
Too many storms will make farmers sad this time of year.

27. By August thunderstorms are usually heavier
A saying that refers to what the dreaded summer storms are like.

28. The flock of August and January, is worth a ram
Did you know that August and January are good months for raising chickens?

29. Birds in August, fat as thrushes
Due to the amount of grain in the cereal fields, the birds are well fed at this time.

Many august sayings They deal with seasonal fruits or those fruits of the dry crops that ripen with the sun this month of the year. Thus, watermelon, melon, grape with which the must is made, chestnut or olive have a place in the Spanish saying for the month of August.

30. Good is August for saffron, honey and must
The best season for saffron, honey and must (grape juice) in Spain is undoubtedly the month of August.

31. In August, watermelon and melon are a good drink.
Melon and watermelon are harvested at this time and are the most refreshing fruits of the summer, due to their high water content.

32. What August ripens, September assures it
Fruits that ripen in August are those that are ready to eat in September. Figs, grapes or peaches are a good example.

33. August is to blame and September bears the fruit
A saying referring to the ripening of many fruits in August, such as figs or later watermelons and melons, since the first watermelons and melons are harvested in August.

34. Watermelon and melon, come into season in August
Teaching the little ones which fruits are in season helps ensure a rich and healthy diet.

35. In August, watermelon and melon as motilón head
This saying comes from the American continent. The Motilones are an indigenous tribe from the Sierra de Los Motilones, in the Colombian and Venezuelan mountain ranges. Traditionally, their hair was cut into a cap around their heads.

36. For August, grapes and figs; for September, quinces
An easy and enjoyable way to teach children about fruit season.

37. August everything dries, except the must
Exact! Because it is precisely the intense heat that makes the grape ripen better and the must more delicious.

38. In August prepare the jar for the must
Traditionally, August is the month in which the must is prepared and stored.

39. The August sun breeds oil and must
Not only the sun helps the ripening of the grape to make the must, but also that of the olive for the oil.

40. The sun in August sweetens the must
When the sun is good in August, the must is sweet and delicious

41. May makes wheat and August makes wine
These are two key months for the maturation of two of the most important crops of Spanish agriculture.

42. August ripens and September harvests the grapes
Another saying that helps to understand how the winemaking process works, from the ripening of the grapes to the harvest.

43. Precious vineyard, give it to me in solana
August storms are fatal to the vineyard, the vine planting.

44. Dry August, chestnut in basket
The high temperatures in August allow the chestnuts to ripen, which are then enjoyed roasted in autumn.

45. Chestnuts want to burn in August and drink in September
The heat is essential in August and the rain in September to be able to eat chestnuts from October and November.

46. ​​First of August rainy, make the chestnut beautiful
Another saying that this time refers to the fact that at the beginning of the month, if it rains, it is very good for the chestnut tree.

47. August water, neither good wine nor good magosto
The magosto is traditionally the bonfire where the chestnuts were roasted, so if it rains too much in August, neither the grapes nor the chestnuts ripen well, so there will be neither good wine nor good magosto in autumn.

48. When it rains in August, it rains honey and it rains wort
Good rains, good products.

49. Rains in August, honey and must
A version of the old saying.

50. Water in August, honey and must
Another way of referring to that moderate rains improve crops in August.

51. Storms in the month of August, good bunches and better must
As long as they are not violent storms with hail, which can severely damage the vineyard.

52. When it rains in August do not put your money in must
This saying refers to a heavy and prolonged rain.

Also the sayings that deal with the month of August speak of some traditional festivities of this month, as well as the good weather and the enjoyment of the holidays. Also, sayings referring to August rains are very common, which can be intense or moderate, and in reality, you never know exactly whether or not it will rain this month.

53. Between Virgin and Virgin the heat firmly presses
Traditionally, the hottest time of the year is considered to be between the Virgen del Carmen (July 16) and the Assumption of Mary (August 15).

54. Towards San Lorenzo, very intense heat
San Lorenzo is celebrated on August 10, and it is one of the hottest dates of the year.

55. For San Bartolomé, storms must have
It is said that on August 24 (San Bartolomé) it always rains, there are even hail storms, very feared by wine crops.

56. Cloudy August, little beach, a lot of must
Sometimes the weather is not so good in August to go to the beach, but if that's the case, a must on a terrace will make your holidays happy.

57. San Lorenzo on the grill and the labrador on the threshing floor
On August 10, San Lorenzo is celebrated, but the farmer traditionally had to be in the threshing process.

58. Water for the Virgin of August, removes oil and water the must
Too much rain around August 15 spoils vine crops and olive groves.

59. Sunny and bright August puts you in a good mood
And who does not make a sunny day happy?

60. In August, who does not enjoy it, is crazy
Well yes, because it is undoubtedly one of the happiest months of the year.

61. July and August each like the other
They are more or less similar and enjoyed in the same way, that is why the holidays are usually either in July or in August.

62. Seven August, Seven Faces
This saying refers to the fact that generally there is no one month of August that is similar to another. Every August is different at the climatic level.

63. Few understand August and September
Because they are months whose weather is sometimes unpredictable.

64. August and September, seek who governs you
Who knows what will happen in these unexpected months when it comes to weather.

65. August and September don't last forever
Unfortunately, the holidays have to end at some point ...

66. He who sleeps in August will watch in September
Do not stay on your laurels in August.

67. August is at odds with Bacchus and Cupid
According to the Spanish proverb, August is not a good month to enjoy love and wine, although surely there are many who do not agree.

68. In August, neither Venus nor must
A variant of the previous saying, like these others: "In August, neither woman nor must"; "In August neither women nor cabbages nor must"; "June, July and August, neither lady nor must."

69. August cool, running water
When it's humid on August nights, there's more water.

70. August becomes May to the one who has no sown
That is, it is a month to do nothing, as long as you are not a farmer.

Las cabañuelas is a traditional method of weather forecasting. Formerly, it was considered that with the first twelve days of August the climate of the twelve months of the year could be predicted. Day 1 corresponded to January, February 2, and so on until reaching day 12, which would be December.

He popular saying it also collects some sayings referring to this curious tradition. By the way, cabañuelas were also used in different countries of America. For example, in Mexico the weather for the whole year was predicted in January.

71. In August there is the secret of the full twelve months, or else, August has the secret of the full twelve months
Because it was the key month to predict the weather all year round.

72. If you are interested in your crops, look at the cabañuelas
By being able to predict the weather with the cabañuelas, farmers were better able to predict when it would be most effective to plant.

73. The month of the cabañuelas, is the month of the fig trees
And it is that fig trees finish maturing in August.

74. First day of August, first day of winter
Because August 1 corresponds to January, according to the cabañuelas.

75. Labrador who forgot the cabañuelas lost money on crops
For farmers it was essential to take into account the cabañuelas, that is, the first twelve days of August, since this prediction could be crucial for the success of their plantings.

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