Tricky questions to stimulate children's logic

Tricky questions to stimulate children's logic

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Logic is the ability to arrive at a correct answer using the ability to think. A very important skill that we can stimulate in children through games and activities.

Logic games have many benefits for children as it activates different areas of the brain, such as deduction, reasoning and thinking skills. We propose these 20 trick questions to stimulate children's logic and promote the ability to think, how many of you are capable of thinking?

1. Ana's father has 4 children: Pepe, Popi, Pipu and ... who is the fourth?

Answer: Ana

2. I have three apples and you take two from me, how many do you have?

Answer: 2

3. How many animals did Moses put in his ark?

Answer: It wasn't Moses, it was Noah.

4. What weighs more, a kilo of iron or a kilo of feathers?

Answer: They weigh the same ... one kilo!

5. What is the elevator called in China?

Answer: By pressing the button.

6. An electric train travels from north to south, where does it smoke?

Answer: It cannot smoke, it is electric.

7. What is the question that no one can answer?

Answer: Are you asleep?

8. Where does Thursday go before Wednesday?

Answer: In the dictionary.

9. There are 10 fish in a tank and 5 of them drown, how many are left?

Answer: Fish do not drown.

10. A train derails between France and Spain, where are the survivors buried?

Answer: It is better not to bury the survivors ... they are alive!

11. The word Refrigerator begins with N and ends with T, is it true?

Answer: Yes, Refrigerator starts with N and ends with T

12. A father and son travel by car, it crashes and the father dies. The son is taken to the hospital and when he enters the operating room, the doctor says ... "I cannot operate on him, he is my son", why?

Answer: The doctor was his mother.

13. What goes up and also goes down but is always in the same place.

Answer: The stairs.

14. What months have 28 days?

Answer: Everyone, besides February, everyone else also has 28 days.

15. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain?

Answer: Mount Everest, even if they had not discovered it.

16. A truck driver goes down a street in the opposite direction, passes a police car and does not stop him, why?

Answer: Who said you were driving? The driver was on foot.

17. What is it that if you keep it, you have it and, if you share it, you will never have it?

Answer: A secret.

18. What happened yesterday in Paris from 6 to 7?

Answer: One hour

19. How do you spell sleeping or sleeping?

Answer: By no means, it is written awake

20. Who is the brother of my father's son?

Answer: My brother.

If you want to establish well the foundations of children's ability to reason and logic, you should do so by considering everything that is around them and in their own body. Through games that stimulate comparison, similarities and differences, etc., you can develop children's logical reasoning. We give you some examples of games to help children to enhance all their ingenuity, their mathematical logic and their creativity:

1. Puzzle
Puzzles help stimulate logical thinking. You have to fit pieces, analyze their shapes, sizes to find their correct position. There are thousands on the market, of different themes and sizes.

2. Chess
We all know about the benefits of chess to stimulate the logic and thinking of children. It is a very suitable game to stimulate strategy. In addition, it increases IQ, improves creativity, increases memory and concentration, and teaches children to solve problems.

3. Tetris
In addition to being very fun, tetris is useful and very suitable for promoting logical thinking in children. It also stimulates concentration, logical thinking, imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

4. Chopsticks or Mikado
The game of colored sticks, in which we have to remove the sticks while preventing others from falling, stimulates children's reasoning ability and awakens strategy.

5. Balance tower
This is a game that promotes children's concentration. By having to fit pieces to form a tower so that it does not fall, the children will be strengthening their logic and thinking.

6. The cube game
It is one of the smartest games for children. More than logic, children will learn to solve difficulties by following logic and facing mistakes and risks.

7. Tic tac toe
Also known as Zeros and Crosses, this game is great for stimulating intelligence, awakening reasoning and logic.

8. Sudoku
It is a mathematical game that can stimulate children's concentration, reasoning and thinking. There are several levels, so start with the easiest.

9. Naval battle
A game that awakens different abilities in children. Increase the capacity for strategy.

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