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Names for babies born in May

Names for babies born in May

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We offer you names for babies born in may, be it a boy or a girl. Pretty, classic and less classic names. Names that will suit your newborn very well. We know, it is not easy to choose the name of the baby. We want a nice name, but we also want it to fit your personality or have something special. If your baby was born in mayYou can be guided, for example, by some of the saints on this month's calendar, by a flower that you like or by any of these attractive proposals.

If your baby is going to be born in May, it can be Taurus or Gemini, two different signs that share some common characteristics. The may babies They are babies with an awake and curious intelligence. The most organized Taurus and the most scattered Geminis, in any case, the smile is assured with these dynamic and vitalistic babies.

We propose you all these names that, due to their meaning, they will do very well for your newborn If he was born, he will be born this month:

1. Camilo
This name is of Etruscan origin and means 'priest ', in the sense of being a person who is in contact with divinity. It is a traditional name that has managed to maintain that original touch and that exudes great elegance.

2. Daphne
Of Greek origin and with a meaning related to laurel, this name is the equivalent of the Latin Laura. In this version, the name gains in sophistication, providing an enigmatic touch that increases its appeal.

3. Matías
The name is of Hebrew origin and in its meaning a Gift from God. Although it has been known from biblical accounts, the name has not been widely used, so it maintains a fresh and distinguished touch that will be ideal for your child.

4. Maite
Although many take this name as the hypocoristic of María Teresa, in reality it is a name of Basque origin with a meaning related to the love. It is a traditional name that has not been worn down by use and that is very emotional.

5. Aitor
Again a name of Basque origin, this time with a meaning that speaks of noble lineage. Like it for being somewhat exotic and because it gives off a certain enigmatic air. Every day he gains positions in the lists of frequent names.

6. Carolina
This name is of Germanic origin and has a meaning relative to strength. It is one of the feminine variants of Carlos and it is a very popular name thanks to that musicality that reinforces the delicacy of any girl.

7. Connor
It is a name of Irish origin and its meaning speaks of the howling wolf. We are facing one of those names for boys whose appeal increases every day, with a modern, original and distinguished touch.

8. Jimena
The name is of Basque origin and means 'beast of the mountain', which reveals the great personality that your girl will have. It is one of those names for girls that bring charisma, with a charm and originality that are difficult to match.

9. Boris
It is a name of Russian origin that means 'Warrior'. Due to his musicality and his origin, Boris is one of those original names that add personality to any child. In addition, every day it is more fashionable and gains positions in the lists of popular names.

10. Miranda
This name is of Latin origin and its meaning speaks of something surprising or prodigious. The name exudes sweetness and elegance and has the charm of those traditional names that are reinvented in each generation.

What do you think of the names that we have seen so far? Precious, right? If you still haven't found the perfect name for your girlTake a look at the list that we propose below. All of them are names that are included in the calendar of the saints for the month of May. The saints are always a great source of inspiration!

11. Alexandra
This name is becoming more popular in families, both in its feminine and masculine forms. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who protects men'. His saint is May 18.

12. Berta
If you are looking for an original name, Berta is one of the most beautiful options that the saints for May offer you. More specifically, his name day is celebrated on May 11 in honor of Santa Berta del Santo Cristo. Did you know that Berta is a German name that means 'the brilliant one'?

13. Fatima
The day of the Virgin of Fatima is May 13, a very venerated virgin especially in Portugal, where she appeared on several occasions in front of some children. The origin of this name is Arabic and means 'the splendid one'.

14. Mariana
We love the name Mariana! At first, this came from the compound name of María and Ana, according to some experts; although others maintain that it is a name with its own entity whose meaning is relative to the virgin. His saint is celebrated on May 26 in honor of Santa Mariana de Jesús.

15. Susana
Susana is a beautiful name for girls that has Egyptian origin, nothing more and nothing less! It means 'lotus flower' and its saint celebrates it on May 24, a day that is also a holiday for the Virgin Mary Help of Christians.

Let's now see the beautiful names for children that the saints for the month of May also propose us. You will see that all of them are names steeped in tradition and history, perfect for families looking for those old names.

16. Felipe
This is a baby name that makes us think of royalty, right? And it is that there have been several kings and princes around the world who have been called that. However, we also think of San Felipe de Jesús, a Mexican friar martyred in Japan whose name day is May 3. This name is of Greek origin and means 'the one who loves horses'.

17. Fernando
May 30 is the day we celebrate San Fernando, in honor of the holy king Fernando III. If you like this name, which is usually shortened to Fer, you should know that it is of Germanic origin and means 'the daring'.

18. Isidro
May 15 is the day of San Isidro Labrador, patron of cities like Madrid (Spain). Without a doubt, this name can inspire you when choosing what to call your baby, if you like the more classic names. Its origin is Latin and means 'gift of Isis'.

19. Emilio
Classic, but successful; that's the name of Emilio. If you want to put it on your baby you should know that it comes from Greek and that it means 'flattering'. The saints dedicate May 28 to the day of Saint Emilio, who was a martyr who died defending his convictions.

20. Adolfo
Adolfo is one of those boy names that transmit great strength and power, right? Many times, it is used among the most tender diminutive children like Fito. His saint is May 19, in honor of a Spanish martyr. The origin of this name is German and means 'noble wolf'.

21. Flavio
And finally, we suggest you call your baby the name of Flavio, a name with a lot of tradition but that has been recovered with a modern touch. Its origin is Latin and means 'golden'. His saint is May 7.

Yes your baby will be born in the month of May, Congratulations! We hope that among these names for boys and girls is the one you were looking for.

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