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Children's Stories. Stories for children

Children's Stories. Stories for children

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With the rush of day to day there is no time for much more. After all day from one place to another, the only thing we want at night is to throw ourselves in bed and rest. However, relaxation can also be achieved in other ways. For example, reading one or more children's stories your children before going to sleep or, perhaps, take advantage of the days without school to become fond of children's literature.

When we read stories for children As a family, we create that desirable habit of reading, but we also help our children to enhance their imagination and creativity. At the same time, we create, or rather consolidate, emotional ties and build precious memories for the future. And you will realize that that innocent 'Once upon a time…'has magical effects for everyone.

Sharing the reading of a story can be a nice family moment. With one of these stories you can help your child relax and fall asleep easier.

But it is not only an aid for children who have difficulty sleeping, but children's stories also help them develop their fantasy and imagination. Stories of love, friendship, sincerity and respect that will provide them with important educational values, both for the family and for living together at school.

In addition, as detailed in the study by Maria Correa of ​​the Liberator Experimental Pedagogical Institute 'The story, reading and coexistence as a fundamental value in initial education' for the Educere magazine (Venezuelan Journal of Education), reading also has a very important role for children acquire socio-affective experiences, as well as for them to learn oral and written language.

Therefore, in Guiainfantil we have prepared a careful selection of the best stories for your children. All of them are designed for the little ones to enjoy, but also for them to learn and satisfy their curiosity. Among all the stories that we propose below, you can click or play on those that you think your children will like the most.

What stories are you going to read tonight before going to sleep? And in the afternoon or on the weekend? Any time is a good time to pick up a book and devour it with our children.

You would never catch Don Quixote, in its original version, as a good night story for your 6-month-old baby, right? Why would you not read the story of some chicks who say peep to your 10-year-old son? He still laughs at you and the book you have chosen for him!

And it is that we must think well what books we read to our children. To be really attractive and useful to them, they must be stories adapted to their age. If not, we could make the little ones end up bored or not able to follow the story.

- Short stories for babies
Why are we going to read a story to a baby, if he does not know anything? Many parents may wonder. True, a 3-month-old may not understand why the elephant in the story is crying. However, the goal of reading with younger children is to get them used to having a book in their hands. At these ages, reading is a game and an excuse to spend extra time with mom or dad. What else can you ask for from stories?

The stories designed for babies are very simple and short, according to the attention times that children of these ages can maintain. They usually show us friendly characters who guide children in their discovery of the world.

- Stories for children from 3 to 5 years
From the age of 2 or 3, the stories we can read to our children can be a bit more complex. In this stage, stories help children improve their ability to concentrate, learn new words, and improve their speaking skills. In addition, stories can become a wonderful educational resource for children to begin to understand different emotions.

If your children are in this age range, do not hesitate to become the best storyteller using different speech rhythms and intonations when reading, involve your little one in reading by looking at him or asking him questions about the plot or characters, use puppets ... You will have a great time!

- Stories for children from 6 to 8 years old
Children usually learn to read around the age of 6, so from this age on, the experience of reading stories changes. We can let them tell the story to us or we can play to divide the paragraphs.

Without a doubt, now the plots will be richer, the characters will have deeper constructions and the stories will be longer. It is a great time to use stories for children to reflect, compare the plots they read to their own reality, learn values ​​...

Despite all the stories that we have proposed so far, do you find yourself a little lost or lost about what stories to read with your children? Do not worry! That's what we're here for ... After more than 15 years offering stories to all families, in Guiainfantil We know what children's favorite stories are and we have compiled this ranking. Your children will surely love these stories too

- Uga the turtle
Like all turtles, Uga is very slow. She is always the last of the class finishing the exercises and she is the one who runs the slowest. In this story you will learn an important lesson: to get what we want we have to make an effort.

- Carola's nightmare
One day, Carola got so angry that she decided to leave home. When she told her parents, they didn't try to stop her, which made the girl feel even sadder. Good thing it was all a nightmare!

- The lazy bird
Once upon a time, there was a very lazy bird who was lazy about everything. He delayed everything to do it later, even the preparations for the annual migration of his flock. And, in the end, all of his friends left without him!

- The Good-natured Giant
This is a beautiful tale written by Roald Dahl that tells the story of Sophia and her friend the giant. This huge man will show this girl the wonderful land in which the giants live. Do you want to embark with them on this journey?

- The Congress of Mice
The mice in this story were fed up with the cat chasing them when they came out of their burrow. So they held a meeting in which they decided that they would put a bell so they could always hear where he was. Will they get it?

- The elephant Bernardo
Bernardo used to make fun of his friends, he played terrible practical jokes on them, he even took advantage of them sometimes. However, you will learn an important lesson that will make you change the way you behave with your peers.

- Pablo protests and protests
Whenever he was bored, Pablo protested and protested with a very bad temper. That summer, he fell off the swings and broke his foot, so he couldn't play with his friends. What a bore! However, you will find that many fun things can be done if we have imagination.

Children love reading children's stories with their parents because they have fun with the stories. But, in addition to being a form of entertainment, children's literature is an excellent educational resource. For this reason, from reading a story we can propose to our children different exercises that will help them internalize what they have read. Here we propose some activities.

- Reading comprehension questions
To find out if the children have understood the story and paid attention, you can ask them some questions related to the plot. In order for this activity to be different each time, you can present this exercise in different formats: direct questions, true or false, suggesting that you become a detective, summarize what you read ...

- Have a discussion about the story
For the children to reflect on the lessons and morals that the story we have read has left us, we can propose a short discussion after reading. It is as simple as asking them some questions such as: What would you have done if ...? How do you think he felt ...? What have you learned from ...?

- To be poets and poets
The stories you read in stories can easily become beautiful poems. It is about writing some stanzas with the story you just read looking for a rhyme and a rhythm.

- Make up the soundtrack or rap from the story
Also from the story that you have read in the story, you can invent the lyrics of a song (you can use a children's song that you like as a melody) or a rap. Do you dare?

- Turn the story into a play
You can be the actors and actresses yourself or use puppets to represent the story you have just read as if it were a theater.

- Make a drawing
And, what can never be missing after reading a beautiful story with our children is to make a beautiful drawing based on the story.

Although children's stories are the most common resource in children's literature, there are other types of stories and genres that children can enjoy very much. It is about finding the expression that most attracts our son's attention and using it to promote his reading habit. And it is that once the children find that door to open the wonderful world of books, they will never want to leave it!

Here we propose other ideas that you will also love and with which you will also enjoy a lot at home.

From Guiainfantil we wish you a very happy reading.

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