12 educational resources to teach geography to children at home

12 educational resources to teach geography to children at home

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As we can teach geography to children at home? Surely you are thinking about books, well yes, they are an excellent educational tool, but we also have to pull as many others fun educational resources With which your children can reinforce their knowledge, acquire new ones and have a great time playing explorers. And without leaving your home!

Geography is not usually among the favorite subjects of boys and girls, however, if we propose games, educational and recreational activities and tell them that they can design a whole world map themselves, we will surely be able to capture their full attention.

Geography teaches us what the world is like, what are the continents and the countries that form them, what are the most outstanding rivers and mountains and much more valuable knowledge that, if learned through play, it is very likely that they will never be forgotten. We are going to see a series of very simple activities and games to do with children at home and review geography.

1. World map that you can make yourself at home
First of all, we propose a craft that will help your child to get to know the world map better. Necessary material:

  • 65cm x 50cm eva rubber sheet in blue
  • Colored eva rubber sheets
  • Permanent marker and pencil
  • Scissors and glue
  • Velcro

Think about what you are going to want to focus on: seas and oceans, the names of the continents, some countries ... Next, draw the continents on the eva rubber in different colors, make it a medium size based on the eva rubber sheet on which you are going to stick them to make it easier for you.

Once we have the continents ready, place them on the eva rubber base plate and start gluing the shapes using a resistant glue. The next step is to complete according to our initial planning and what you want to learn. We can, for example, write the name of the oceans with a marker or stick with velcro animals characteristic of each continent. Have you seen how beautiful it is? Kids are going to love it!

2. World map for primary school children
We have several options so that boys and girls who are already in primary school can get to know the whole world and its geography. How cool are world maps!

  • Political world map to print. Children will get to know the different continents with their countries and their capitals. We can take the opportunity to talk to our sons and daughters about the borders and tell them in passing some curiosity of each country.
  • World map of oceans and continents. Perfect for learning where each ocean is, how many there are and which countries they surround. You can also use the planisphere to locate the 57 seas that exist in the world.
  • Physical world map. With this map, primary school children will learn where rivers, mountains, deserts and any other geographical feature are. It will be of great help so that they know how to differentiate a political map from a physical one.
  • World map of the main rivers of the world. Rivers, lagoons, streams, tributaries ... A map to know them all or to go little by little and start with the most prominent ones.
  • Black and white world map to print and fill. Print it out and allow your child to complete it to his liking and based on the things he has learned. It is sure to be great!

What other resource do we have at our disposal for children to reinforce their knowledge of geography? Well, a very simple one that also works like a charm,creative games! Here we leave you some examples, surely you can think of many others with simple materials that you have at home.

3. Colored plasticine
Brown, green and blue to model a map where the child will have to place the rivers, mountains and plains in the corresponding place. Perfect to reinforce knowledge and to design a beautiful craft.

4. Physical and political map puzzles
This type of puzzle is another super fun way to study geography that you see in books.

5. Geography only trivia
Prepare a round of Trivial questions and answers but only about geography: capitals, rivers, seas, continents, curious facts ... It will become the favorite game of the whole family!

6. The earth globe
Do you have a globe at home? Then make a search game: 'Find where is the highest mountain in the world and tell me its name', 'Where do Russians live?' ... What fun!

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The cardinal points may be one of the most complex things of geography for children, so, in order for them to understand it well, we propose these entertaining activities:

7. Locate yourself
Stand in the patio or garden of your home and look in the direction in which the sun is. Open your arms to the sides: the left represents the west, the right the east, the front is the north and the back the south. Now look with one of your arms where the sun is pointing. What will that cardinal point be?

8. Simon says
Does your son already know how to locate himself? Then you can play 'Simon Says' with him. You can start with: 'Simon says ... let's go north, let's go southeast ...' He's going to love it!

9. The treasure
Another excellent activity to practice the cardinal points in the open air. Place several hidden treasures in the garden or in a park, your child must search for them with the help of a map. For example: 'The search begins in the center, the sun will be your guide. Walk 10 steps west. Take two huge jumps to the north ... '.

What do you think of the ideas you just saw for children to have fun learning geography at home? We now suggest that you visit these web pages and mobile apps.

10. Google Earth
Discovering the world becomes an adventure with Google Earth. We can explore the entire planet in 3D and be amazed by relief images of hundreds of cities. Without a doubt, an idea way for your children to realize how fun geography can be.

11. National Geographic Institute
The National Geographic Information Center of Spain offers us very complete resources. In addition, we will be able to access the level in which the child is, whether it is Primary, ESO and even if it is university students. We have at our disposal from educational materials, to maps, through interactive puzzles.

12. Global Forest Watch
If you want your children to learn geography and also become aware of the problem of polluting agents, this is the right website. It also has updated information on the state of the forests.

Extra: Don't forget that on Youtube you will find many educational channelsLike the Children's Guide, of course, in it you will find different videos with very useful activities and experiments for children to learn geography.

Geography can be a lot of fun, you just have to put your mind to it!

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