Sloth. How to motivate a lazy child

Sloth. How to motivate a lazy child

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We can say that a lazy child is a child who shows lack of interest, energy or will for the tasks or activities that he has to do. He does not show laziness in front of homework or studying, but can also be lazy when it comes to playing with friends, doing homework, etc ...

It is normal for children to be active, have energy, do not stop doing things so when a child is very lazy, something happens. The causes of this laziness are usually a lack of interest, autonomy, incentives, motivation, a lack of routines, which can generate in children in the long run or low self-esteem.

One of the questions parents ask is: lazy children, are they born or are they made? Generally, they are made, then adults sometimes tend to give it all doneSo they don't need to strive to get things, they have it all when they want it!

What can we do to get children out of that 'lazy' state? It is not very complicated, it is about putting routines so that they learn to 'earn' things, in addition to motivating them and recognizing their efforts when they do things alone. We must teach our children to strive, to be responsible, and to get satisfaction out of it.

1. Put routines at home
For example, after eating, picking up your plate, making your bed after breakfast ...

2. Assign responsibilities
Example: walking the dog, watering the plants, clearing the table ... Ideally, these tasks would be shared out among family members.

3. Set times for do homework
That is, how much time should you have to do homework, to watch television, to be on the Internet, to play with friends in the yard, for example.

4. Motivate you and show you confidence
Make him see that we trust him, that we count on his help to get things done, that we value him and that he is an important member of a team.

5. Be constant in these tasks
It is useless to do it for a few days and then forget about it. You have to do it continuously and be constant in it.

6. Make a task table
We can make a weekly table with the tasks that the child has to do, (homework, cleaning the room, setting the table, walking the dog, etc.) and establishing a weekly reward system for accomplishing assigned tasks, for example, going to the movies, choosing dinner one day a week, being able to play the console or some other fad.

In addition, we will praise the child for having done his homework, and we will involve the whole family, not only the 'lazy' son, but also parents, and other siblings.

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