Downloadable recycling crafts guide to do with children

Downloadable recycling crafts guide to do with children

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What do you do with the toilet paper rolls when they run out? And with the egg boxes when you put this food in the fridge? And with the caps of the milk cartons? From now on do not throw them into the corresponding container because on our site we want to give them a second life. We present you a complete guide downloadable with children's recycling crafts to do at home.

When we are at home, what can we do with our children? Some parents organize fun family movie sessions, others prefer to put on their chef's hat and apron and go into the kitchen to innovate delicious and easy recipes, and there are also those who bring out their theatrical vein and invent stories or represent plays.

And we must not forget those families who with a piece of paper create airplanes that fly or who with a little paint, glue and a plastic bottle give life to a fun craft because they know that these types of activities have a lot of benefits for your children. Do you want to know them? We tell you!

1. Promotes creativity
Faced with a blank sheet of paper and some colored paintings next to it, the child begins to think about what to draw. Something similar happens with crafts, since a great idea can come out of an object as simple as a kitchen roll. Let them try?

2. Facilitates concentration
Crafts are highly recommended for children who have trouble concentrating and for those who are very restless, because it has a hypnotizing effect. As long as they like what they are preparing, they won't want to do anything else!

3. Helps to relax
If something worries us, it stresses us and can cause anxiety. This also happens to children. When they start creating out of thin air, their head is focused only on that activity, letting negative thoughts fade and even disappear.

4. Works fine motor skills
Making crafts involves hand and finger work, which is why many experts recommend these leisure proposals for the little ones to develop skills such as picking up a pencil or learning to cut. These learnings will help you when you start writing.

5. Allows sharing
If you are a lover of this type of creations and you get your child to be passionate about them too, you will have a common point that will allow you to share opinions and proposals. It will unite you even more and strengthen the family bond!

6. Develops the ability to solve problems
And finally, it should be noted that when facing a challenge or a challenge such as making a photocall for a birthday party from cardboard or cardboard, the child will overcome himself, he will want everything to go well and , before any setback, it will grow.

Never before has it been so easy to do crafts with children, true? And you only have to click on the image above to download this guide to homemade crafts for children, a document that you can have on your mobile or on your computer desktop and that you can consult as many times as you want.

One of the advantages that we offer you with this downloadable is that you can find the activities divided according to the material you want to work with: cardboard boxes, ice cream sticks, plastic containers (from cups to yogurt) egg cups and, of course, the rolls of toilet paper.

In each proposal you will find the step by step to give life to witty ideas such as a rocket made from cardboard or a fire truck made from empty egg boxes. But in case you have any questions or you are not clear how to do the whole craft, you will see that at the end of each one is the hand symbol. Click on it and it will take you to a video tutorial so that you know more details about it.

If after download this complete recycling crafts guide to do at home you have been wanting more (we understand you, it has happened to us too) or you have done all of them in record time (it has also happened to us), here we present more activities. Don't let creativity and the desire to have fun stop!

The world of crafts is so wide and varied that, in addition to making a selection for the material used, we could make another according to the date of the year.

- Halloween crafts
If at home you are excitedly waiting for October 31 to dress up as witches or ghosts and decorate the living room with a lot of terrifying symbols, you cannot stop preparing a 'Halloween workshop' with your little ones and make, for example, a Catrina mask .

- Handicrafts for mother's day
On one of the most special dates for any woman who has children, great things are not needed. What mother has not cried with the macaroni necklace that her children prepared for her in kindergarten? If this year you want to innovate (dads, this is for you), here are some ideas.

- Crafts to do at Christmas
There are people who start preparing for Christmas in October and, according to some studies, they are happier and more optimistic people. That is why we suggest that this year you start creating crowns, elves and other typical decorations of these dates in advance.

- Crafts for Easter
Easter eggs are the undisputed kings of Holy Week in houses where there are children. They can be created in different ways and with different materials, it just takes a little imagination!

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