Find the best daily plan to make your children happy

Find the best daily plan to make your children happy

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Every morning can be a great opportunity to make our children happy. Why not take advantage of it? It's all a matter of knowing how to find that daily plan that allows them to explore their creativity and connect more with each other. Here you have seven activities, one for each day of the week (you decide how to distribute them), with which to make your children happy.

It can be difficult for a child to control his emotions, it is also difficult to have him entertained so many hours a day and, therefore, we can find countless moments to give up and let slip the wonderful teaching that is in our hands, that more than a responsibility is a calling to preserve the physical and emotional integrity of our children.

There are days that with stress, discomfort and lack of time, some parents can fall into the error of thinking that they were not born to be parents; however, if we try to dig deeper and listen carefully, we will realize that they are nothing more than poorly managed emotions.

In the present that we have lived, there are innumerable ways to do it. We can live it with encouragement and dedication or we can live it with suffering and discomfort. They are two different ways of experiencing life and it is not a question of deciding now which is the best. It is only a matter of deciding which one we want our children to live.

We are facing a world full of changes in which it is essential to adapt and trust our work as parents and if you are reading this article it means that you care, that you investigate and look for the best way to do it, therefore, do not doubt yourself and face the changes with a positive attitude and a good example.

Let's observe how happy our little ones are to know at every moment how to approach the day; For example, if we see them tired or sad, let's try to find out what could happen to them, let's not let it pass, let's stop, analyze the moment, listen to what our intuition tells us, perhaps even remembering what happened the day before. Let's lean on what we do best, which is free and priceless: hugs!

The proposal that I bring you today is letting ourselves be carried away by intuition and that of our little one to find the best plan for the day. If we do things that we like, everything is easier!

Let's go back in time and remember those things that made us happy as children and kept us entertained for hours. Let's bet on games that invite us to adventure, to explore our creativity and that of our children. A good way to join our bond, do you dare?

I leave you some ideas that may be interesting to you. Propose a different theme each day and see what your child expresses with more impetus: security, enthusiasm ... All these gestures are indicative of where their gifts and abilities may be to focus their day-to-day activities that make them feel happier, managing as this way better your emotions.

1. Create an imaginary puzzle
Let's ask him to imagine a scene, draw it, and paint it. Once done, let's ask him to stick it on a cardboard. Then cut into pieces with less or more complexity depending on age. This helps them feel in tune with what they like and brings mental prowess!

2. Make up songs
Let's propose to invent songs including some phrase or word about something that motivates them. Give yourself the opportunity to explore by singing and imagining, what better time to have a laugh at sudden occurrences in your mind! Let's analyze which phrases come out spontaneously, there we can find clues that reveal their capabilities.

3. Play debating
Let's start a conversation about something they like and contradict them, watch how they explain it and try to convince us. It will help them to mature their communication skills and it will give them security to talk about any topic. Feeling the passion of your words and confidence in your expression can be indicative of your tastes and hobbies!

4. Make up a story
A story at night is an intimate and unique moment with our little one, if we also invent it and the boy or girl is the protagonist, it adds an extra touch of attention. We can propose that the purpose is to discover a 'treasure' in which they draw some conclusion about some value, skill or in which we can highlight their self-esteem. It is also an ideal time to integrate and reinforce some behavior!

5. Talk about a curiosity
Let's spread knowledge about what they like. Let's read about something of interest that, even if it is not for children, gives them a little more information. For example, some curiosity about how a footballer feeds if he likes soccer or who Albert Einstein was. We can take advantage of and encourage good eating habits or whatever the content of the text invites us to do.

6. Encourage writing
Let's motivate them to write letters, words or phrases (depending on their age) and that is related to what they like. We may be surprised at how many things they can express, even at young ages, when it comes to talking about their interests.

7. Ask at the end of the day what has been your best moment
This is one of the most enlightening, let's do it every day and look at their interests and what makes them happy. If we motivate them to explore and experience what they like, they will be more receptive and willing for the rest of the day.

Let's do it with love, we don't know when we will need them to join us in a game in which we are the protagonists and they are the caretakers.

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