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Little Gatofú. Short stories for children who do not want to bathe

Little Gatofú. Short stories for children who do not want to bathe

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It's bath time! Many children go through a phase where they are reluctant to take a shower or bath, often because that means giving up play and having routines. However, transmitting good hygiene habits to our children is very important, since they are very young. This short story written by Elena Barroso is titled 'Little Gatofú' and is dedicated to all those kids who don't want to bathe. Enjoy your reading a lot!

White, soft and round. This was Gatofú, the most adorable cat in the neighborhood.

- Catfucker! Let me give you a hug! - they used to tell him.

And it is that Gatofú was irresistible ... Except when he started not wanting to wash.

When it was time for the daily bath, Gatofú invented the excuses more extravagant to escape and not put in the water or the whiskers.

- I have a pimple on my claw today!

- Wait, I'm talking to my invisible friend.

- I just have to go pee ... and it's a very long pee.

And so day after day.

So that her white hair began to turn gray and it was no longer so smooth because the naughtiest pellets swirled in the most unexpected places.

Gatofú this did not bother him. On the contrary: he had named his pellets! Pitita was the one with the ear, Michina was the one with the tail, Pataclú was the one with the back… And so on.

Sometimes he felt a little uncomfortable with all this on top and couldn't stop scratching. But nothing important. He still didn't want to get into the water under any circumstances.

One good day (or bad, depending on how you look at it, because pointers were falling) Gatofú came down from the roof where he played in the afternoons. He wanted to shelter under the canopies of the neighborhood because it was raining heavily, and there was his friend Ezequiel there.

- Hello - Gatofú said as he settled next to his friend.

- Hello - Ezequiel said indifferently.

- Is something wrong Ezequiel?

Ezequiel the cat stared at Gatofú:

- Whoops! I hadn't even met you! Where is your white fur? Is it that you have dyed yourself gray?

Catfu was thoughtful. Maybe you should think about taking a bath, at least just once, to recover its color and softness. I could try that very night.

When the time came, his mother, like every day, had prepared a sparkling blue bath. She was very surprised to see that her Kitten put one leg in first, then the other and then the whole body!

But more surprised Catofú was when he felt the warm droplets sliding down his hair. When he closed his eyes, he could imagine that he was at sea. The mischievous water swirled under their legs and was hilarious!

He sharpened his sense of smell and the soft smell of his mother's blue soap enveloped him. It felt cleaner and smoother than ever. AND that soft and tender smell has already accompanied him forever.

Since then, Gatofú was white, soft, round and always smelled wonderfully good.

Bath time is a daily ritual that provides a perfect opportunity for contact with the children and not only that, but it introduces a very beneficial routine psychologically preparing children for the decrease in activity before going to sleep.

Bath time is a break with what is being done and that the children know. When they are babies there is no problem, but it is very common for children to be reluctant from a certain age for various reasons. One reason may simply be that they have to stop what they are doing. At other times, children do not want to bathe because there is some physical sensation associated with the bath that they do not like, such as the cold when leaving or the water in the eyes.

Through this story, what is intended is to value two things: the first and most obvious is that if you don't clean yourself, you will be dirty, and the second is that bathing is a wonderful sensory experience and worthy of careful enjoyment: the warm water running down your head, the splash, the good smell.

Thus, after reading the story, we propose several questions. Some questions will be focused on knowing if the child has paid attention to the story and others will be aimed at provoking curiosity for the pleasure of playing in the water. Here they go!

  • What was Gatofú like?
  • What was the name of Gatofú's friend?
  • When Gatofú came down from the roof and met his friend, what was the weather like?
  • Do you like warm water?
  • Have you ever noticed the rainbow that sometimes lives inside soap bubbles?
  • Gatofú's blue soap smells great, how does your bathroom soap smell?
  • Have you tried plunging an upturned glass into the water? Test!

The hygiene habits that we must teach children, from the time they are small, go through the importance of showering or bathing. However, it is also important that we create the habit of brushing our teeth, coughing or sneezing into our elbows, washing our hands frequently ... and all educational resources that we propose below are designed with that objective in mind.

Enjoy them!

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