The best short dictations for children

The best short dictations for children

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Dictations are themselves an essential tool for practicing and improving your spelling of the kids. It is a good option to teach certain spelling rules to our children and teach them to write correctly.

Writing is easy, but writing well takes practice. Nothing better than using these short dictations for children. With them you can help your child get rid of certain spelling mistakes so common in the first years.

Use these short dictations to help your child improve his spelling. Here you will find dictations to practice the most 'conflicting' letters and spelling rules for children, such as 'b' and 'v', 'h' or the placement of the tilde.

1. Short dictations to practice the letters B and V

'He great grandfather of Vincent he has kissed to its beautiful granddaughter; I had twenty months without see her. Has given him the welcome in a room very large house, the library; in it we can observe a lot of books in some furniture very old that she, to good sure, he will inherit. '

'Let's go to look for he ship plus nice from the pier. It can be a sailboat or a vessel. Or a ship with flag embroidered in silver threads. Let's go to search ships brigs or one caravel. Eye, no skull; that the you will search and you will find in flags of boats pirates'.

'Yes you see any vane move fast for him wind, it is because the wind blows with enough violence. If the vane is it so pretty like that witch of the green house, will have found a true treasure.

2. Short dictations to practice H

'We have found beans white. Now we have to carry them until the house of fairy. There there will be than planting them in the sand. There will be what to expect and will a big party when beans grow up and grow until heaven'.

'When Heliberto found the room open got scared. Had fog and a stench unbearable. Toward long time that he did not appear there and that did suspect. What if someone had entered before the room? Fortunately everything had been a dream, and Heliberto woke up relieved. '

'Carrots, beans and a little horchata... It was the list of Hector, than had decided to go to the supermarket to do the purchase. Until that did not come out of the room did not realize that had forgotten to point burgers.

3. Short dictations to practice accentuation

'Had once in a paramo distant, a magician who she lived in a place populated by vegetation. Had iincredible flowers of all colors and shapes: Lily pads, daisies, peonies... the magician they knew with the name of Barbarian, and it was the plus famous of the place for its spells and potions invincible. '

'When Ramon kicks at ball, time seems to stop. To the father of Ramon, ElijahHe loves to see the delusion that your child dedicates to each game. With effort, each day Ramon play better. And of course, he dreams of being the best. Some days Ramon feel that nobody may match him. And that will win Many and fantastic trophies competition after competition'.

'Marina is a girl fearless and brave that dreamed a day than beat to a huge dragon. The animal spit fire and had seven colored heads Brown. But Marina had a secret weapon: a song. When Marina la singing, he dragon I know slept and at last he was able to catch him. You tied and locked up in a cave. Never he left of there. Marina will beat!'.

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