Dictation of the G and J on video to review at home with the children

Dictation of the G and J on video to review at home with the children

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Many children tremble when they hear the word dictation. Again? Yes! It is a very complete language exercise that can bring many benefits to children. To make it a more fun activity, you just have to propose a funny text to the children that contains some key elements that they should review. For this reason, at Guiainfantil we propose a dictation of G and J on video. It is a very useful activity to review spelling at home with children.

In addition to this exercise, we suggest other short dictations to continue working on these letters, which are often difficult to differentiate.

The dictation that we propose in Guiainfantil helps your children review the spelling rules related to G and J. In addition to putting the video, in which we dictate and correct the exercise ourselves, you can dictate the text yourself.

Guillermo plays the guitar, while his wife

Water the plants with a glass pitcher.

Feel free to repeat the dictation a couple of times to your child so that he has time to write all the letters and, at the same time, he can put some effort into the calligraphy. It is important that you say it slowly, at the pace that your little one needs, emphasizing the words that you think might be difficult for him.

Next we are going to review some of the words most susceptible to children making spelling mistakes.

- 'William'. It is written with capital letter because it is the first word of the text and, in addition, it is a proper name. Also, it is written with GUI (with u between G and I) because it sounds smooth; if we put GI it would sound strong as in words like spin or gymnastics. Also, it goes with LL.

- 'guitar'. As with Guillermo, we have to write GUI. In addition, the R also has a strong sound. Being placed between two vowels (two A), we must put RR; if we put R, it would have to be pronounced with the soft R (as in words like pear or February).

- 'While'. Being after a comma, it is lowercase.

- 'woman'. Woman is written with J.

- 'water'. With this word there is no doubt, because if it were written with J, it would be pronounced 'rieja'. It comes from the verb to irrigate, from the first conjugation, and is the third person singular of the present indicative mood.

- 'jug'. As with the previous word, we must write it with J, since if it were with G it would be mispronounced. Also, it goes with RR because the sound of the R is strong and is placed between vowels (two A's).

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G and J are one of those letters that cause many spelling mistakes in children, but also in adults. Therefore, we are going to see some of the most important spelling rules for these letters.

- On the one hand we have the soft sounds: GA, GUE, GUI, GO, GU. On the other hand, we have the loud sounds: HA, JE, JI, GE, JI, JO, JU.

- In the words that go with GUE or GUI and we want the U to be pronounced (as in penguin or stork), you have to put two dots on the U, which is called umlaut.

- Words beginning with geo (geography or geology).

- Words that end with gen (margin), genario (octogenarian), génito (congenital), gésimo (twentieth), gia (biology), gión (region), gioso (religious) are written with G.

- Verbs that end in ger or gir in the infinitive are written with G; Except weaving and creaking. When verbs do not have either G or J in their infinitive, in their verb forms it is written with J (say- we said).

- Words ending in jería.

For children to learn the rules of spelling, it is best to practice and practice. Just doing one dictation a day is enough for the little ones to learn how the different words are written. To help you review the G and J, below you will find even more short dictations.

1. The giant Gustavo used to frighten the people of Genoa. However, since he had that talk with the worm, Juan learned that because he's grown up he doesn't have to be a bully. Since then, he has been kind.

2. By magic, the pea became a plant. But on a huge plant that rose and rose to the sky. How cool!

3. Grandpa Germán likes cookies a lot. For this reason, for her birthday I am going to give her a giant box. Surely his pet, the cat Jeremías, wants to steal them to eat them.

4. My mother's favorite flower is gardenia, although she is also very fond of hyacinths. In the new house we are moving into, we will have a garden and plant some of these plants. I also want to have roses and daisies.

5. Palmira the giraffe and José the penguin lived in the same burrow. In a burrow? Giraffes and penguins don't live in holes! But it is the only accommodation they found when they moved to another city. The stork Juana is looking for a better house for them.

6. The war has to end. Children and the elderly have to live in peace.

7. My favorite subject in school is geography. However, geometry is worse for me. I think I will have to do more exercises to review.

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