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Love and letters. Children's story to learn to read

Love and letters. Children's story to learn to read

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If your child is learning the letters and feels frustrated because he does not understand them well or does not remember each of them, we invite you to read this story: Love and letters, a short story to encourage children to read.

Amor is a girl who says she does not understand the letters, but the letters will come to her to teach her how important it is to put each one in its place. A beautiful children's story to learn to read.

"Why are you crying, Love?" The father asked the girl when he saw that she was sobbing.

- I don't understand the lyrics, the girl said with hiccups.

- What is it that you do not understand about the lyrics? Repeated the surprised father aloud.

- We are learning the letters in class, said Amor and, although I already know them, I do not understand anything at all.

- And what do you want to understand? The father asked the girl.

- I want to know how they decide to get together to form new words.

The father scratched his head in doubt and said:

- To learn to read and write you have to know the letters very well and, depending on the words you want to form, you will be joining one another. Do not worry love, surely you will understand very soon and everything will come rolled.

The girl was a little calmer with her father's words and went to sleep.

- Amoooor, Amoooor! The girl heard in the silence of the night.

- Who's calling me? She answered sleepily.

- We are the letters of your name. You already know us.

- I am the A

- I am the M

- I am the O

- I am the R

- They said arranging all the letters of his name in a row in front of her.

- Do you want us to form other words? They asked the girl.

- Yes, yes, please! Answered the anxious girl.

And the letters began to dance, changing position, forming new words before the excited look of Love.


- What fun! The girl screamed happily.

The next day she got up very happy knowing that, in addition to the beauty of the meaning of her name, the letters that formed it were very special. When she arrived at school, she told the other children so that they could have fun, like her, forming new words with all the letters.

1. Why was Love crying?

2. What advice did the father give the girl?

3. What dream did the girl have?

4. What did the letters say to the girl during the dream?

5. How many words can be written with the letters of the girl's name?

6. What did the girl learn from the letters?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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