Plastic dragon. Children's recycling crafts

Plastic dragon. Children's recycling crafts

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With some plastic cups and a little patience you can make this original Chinese dragon at home. It will be an ideal toy for children, who will also learn the value of recycling. It is a children's craft that will awaken the creativity of children. With this toy they will also be able to tell stories and act out tales like Saint George and the Dragon.


  • 5 plastic cups (3 of one color and 2 of another)
  • 1 plastic container (of yogurt)
  • two balls of cork or styrofoam
  • Yellow (or other colored) thin string or ribbon
  • Black marker
  • Red stickers
  • Double sided tape
  • Awl
  • Scissors

1. Arrange the glasses so that the colors are interspersed. Make a hole with the awl in the base of the glasses and pass the yellow string. Tie a knot at the end of the rope so it doesn't come undone. If you want the glasses not to join, go making knots at the end of each one and leaving the space you want for the body, it can be more or less long.

2. Put a red heart-shaped sticker on the yellow container or cut out a piece of red paper and glue it on.

3. Using a piece of double-sided tape, glue the first cup on the strip to the inside of the plastic container.

4. Take the two Styrofoam balls and paint them as if they were eyes. Paint the entire ball in the same color and in the center, with a black marker, make a circle.

5. Embed the balls in the first yellow plastic container.

Director: Anna Llimós. Parramón Ediciones, S.A.

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