How to make a zampoña with straws. Children's crafts

How to make a zampoña with straws. Children's crafts

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Children love musical instruments. One of the instruments most used in schools is the flute. Perhaps because wind instruments are the easiest to use at an early age.

On this occasion we suggest you make a panpipes or andean flutea, a very popular musical instrument in many South American countries, and originally from Peru, using only plastic straws as recycled material. We tried? Write down everything you need.


  • plastic straws, straws, or canes
  • colored paper or card to decorate
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Tips: It is recommended that the straws, about 14 are of different colors, as shown in the images

We teach youhow to make a pan with straws, in a simple and very practical way. You don't need a big budget to create your own musical instruments. If you want, you can create a pan with just… a few straws, straws or canes !! Follow our step by step with photos.

Here are the instructions to make your panpipes:

1. Creating your own pan is extremely easy. It consists of cutting the straws two by two with a slight difference. Depending on the number of straws you use, your pan will be larger or smaller. I recommend doing it with at least 12 straws, because that way you can better play with the different sounds. Count your straws… When you have the ones you are going to use, cut them in half.

2. Now you place them in an aligned way and start cutting from the smallest to the largest. Just one piece at a time. If you want to be very exact, you can use a tape measure, but you can do it by eye perfectly.

3. When you have them all, they will be staggered. Once you are satisfied with the size you need to create your pan, you must join them. Do you know how? With adhesive tape. Cut a nice piece and place it on your straws. When they are glued and attached, you turn it over and stick the other side of the tape. Make sure the straws are securely attached with another piece of tape a little higher.

4. Well, you almost have it. Now is the time to decorate your panpipes. You can cut a piece of cardboard of any color into a rectangle. To know that you are going to have enough, calculate it by putting it on your pan. Glue the pieces of cardboard onto the pan.

And that's it! You already have it!! Now is the time ... to try it !! Blow from one side to the other ... and enjoy the music !!

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