Tin drum. Crafts with recycled material for children

Tin drum. Crafts with recycled material for children

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Original and educational recycling children's craft that you can easily make at home with the children. Ideal to explain to children the importance of respecting and caring for the environment while teaching them the different types of musical instruments that exist.

This craft of a tin drum is highly recommended for children to learn how to recycle. In addition, they can build their own musical instrument and have a great time making music with this drum made from a can.


  • 1 can
  • Colored paper
  • 2 wooden sticks
  • Black wool
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Zeal
  • Red and beige felt
  • Rubber bands to tie
  • 2 foam balls

With photos, our site teaches us how to make this musical instrument with recycled material so that you can enjoy an entertaining moment with the children.

1. Cover the sides of the can with the construction paper using glue stick.

2. Make diagonal lines with white glue on the cardboard and glue the wool thread on top.

3. Glue the felt to the lid with white glue and secure it with a rubber band

4. Put a strip of felt covering the elastic band and another on the bottom edge of the boat

5. For the drumsticks, prick the foam rubber tails with the dowels, with a little white glue. Cover the foam ball with the wool yarn and put a little white glue on the spike at the end of the ball, then wrap the yarn around it and flatten it a little with your fingers to smooth it out.

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