17 religious and biblical movies of all time for kids

17 religious and biblical movies of all time for kids

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On the occasion of Holy Week, Easter dates and many other Christian holidays that are celebrated throughout the course, at Guiainfantil we have prepared a list with the best religious and biblical movies of all time. They are ideal to watch with children of different ages, since they talk about important episodes from both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. You don't want to miss these movies!

We start this list of religious movies with some cartoon movies. They are perfect for sharing and teaching values ​​to the little ones in the house. Did you know that most of these movies can be seen on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and other online content platforms?

1. Prince of egypt. 1998, Jeffrey Katzenberg
In this religious movie to watch with children we are going to learn the story of an Egyptian Jew who is chosen by Jehovah God to free the Hebrews from the slavery they suffer. It is a great movie to introduce children to the life of Moses.

2. Joseph the king of dreams. 2000, Robert C. Ramirez, Rob LaDuca
Young José lives with no less than his 11 siblings and, how could it be otherwise, he cannot help feeling jealous. His life takes an unexpected turn when his family discover that he has the great gift of clairvoyance and decide to sell it to a slave trader. It's the story of Joseph, from Genesis.

3. The three wise men. 2003, Antonio Navarro
The emotional story of the three Magi Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar, with special powers in the arts of magic, who, guided by a new star, embark on a journey full of adventures. Perfect for young children to understand this part of the history of religion.

4. Noah's ark. 2007, Juan Pablo Buscaini
Noah receives a notice from the Lord that he must begin to build a large ark that will hold at least one pair of each animal. The flood is coming and there is no time to waste! This film tells the story of Noah from a friendly and relaxed point of view.

5. The nativity scene was put together. 2017, Timothy Reckart
Bo, a lovable little donkey, longs for a life that goes beyond spending the day around the town mill. One fine day he builds up all the courage he has inside and decides to do everything possible to live his dreams. It is then that he meets Ruth the sheep and Dave, a pigeon with great aspirations.

Here we propose many other religious films inspired by the stories of the Bible that have been produced throughout the history of cinema. All the ones that we suggest below are of 'flesh and blood' characters and, therefore, you should consider if your child likes these types of movies and if they are suitable for their age. Here are the best titles!

6. Jesus of Nazareth. 1977, Franco Zeffirelli
If you want to dedicate an afternoon of family leisure to know the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, this will be the biblical film for it. In addition, it is a good option to get your children used to watching movies from past decades.

7. Moses (miniseries). 1995, Roger Young
Thanks to this biblical film, and many others that were published years later and that represent the same story, we can learn about the life of Moses, the one in charge of spreading the 10 Commandments.

8. Life and Passion of Jesus Christ. 1903, Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet
It is a French film in which we can get to know the figure of Jesus Christ, various passages from his life as well as such relevant moments as the Annunciation, the Ascension or the flight to Egypt, among others. It is a colored black and white film, do you think your children will like it? Surely yes!

9. The Nativity Story (Nativity). 2006, Catherine Hardwicke
The biblical movie The Nativity Story (Nativity) shows the relationship between Mary and Joseph who tries to accept the news of the pregnancy by the angel Gabriel. This film, which was controversial at its premiere, offers the viewer a rare female perspective in this type of story.

We continue with more titles of biblical and christian movies. In this case, they are films whose recommended age is from 12 years. Let's see them!

10. Paul, the apostle of Christ. 2018, Andrew Hyatt
Lucas goes to the dungeons of Rome to see Paul, who is imprisoned under the orders of Emperor Nero. Lucas carries out the mission of writing down the history of the birth of Christianity. A curious movie that you can see as a family if your little ones are over 12 years old.

11. Noah. 2014, Darren Aronofsky
The event of the universal flood shows believers an important mission: to announce to the world that one day the whole of humanity will be subjected to divine judgment.

12. The ten Commandments. 1923, Cecil B. DeMille
Shot in the 1920s, it became the first of two films by American director Cecil B. DeMille on the Ten Commandments. In this case, the staging of the Book of Exodus is performed in mute; a new form of cinema for children.

13. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. 1925, Fred Niblo
A classic of Easter where they exist, in Ben-Hur we know the story of two characters, one Jewish and the other Roman, who go from being best friends to being enemies in the time of Christ.

14. King of Kings. 1961, Nicholas Ray
On this occasion, the filmmaker Nicholas Ray, tells us the life of Jesus Christ and the beginnings of Christianity. It is considered one of the best historical biblical novels of all time.

15. Maria Magdalena. 2018, Garth Davis
A biblical film in which we discover the life and work of Saint Mary Magdalene, a woman who challenges her family by joining the movement led by Jesus of Nazareth.

16. Babel's tower. 2007, Giovanna Ribe
In The Tower of Babel we see how, after the universal flood, man seeks to protect himself from another possible flood, without taking into account the divine promise.

17. The prophets. 2009, Jacques Audiard
In ancient Israel, faithful men chosen by God as prophets were needed to make their sins known among the people and give them the opportunity to repent, warn them that the day of divine judgment is approaching and announce the renewing hope of the end times.

What do you think of these biblical and religious movies to watch with children? It's time to enjoy with the family!

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