Minion-shaped slot game. Children's crafts

Minion-shaped slot game. Children's crafts

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Do you remember the funny slot game? In we teach you to make one with the funny face of Minion. It's a great way to create homemade toys from recycled material. This homemade Minion-shaped slot can be made using shoe boxes, cereal boxes, or any other product.

It will be a lot of fun to make this toy with the children, since not only will they be able to make it themselves, but they will also be able to organize championships between everyone, brothers, friends, parents, and the whole family.


  • Carton box
  • Purple wrapping paper
  • White, black and silver eva rubber
  • Purple spray
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Cushion padding

1. Line the cardboard box with purple paper and make a semicircle like the Minion's mouth with a cutter.

2. Cut out a circle with white foam rubber and another hole with the silver one, stick one on the other and then put them in the box, they will be the eyes of the Minion.

3. Cut out two strips of black eva rubber to make the temples of the glasses and two small black circles for the eyes. Stick them in the bowl.

4. Cut out uneven spikes of eva rubber to make the Minion's teeth. Glue them around the mouth.

5. Apply purple spray on several pieces of cushion filler and stick them on the tray, it will be the Minion's hair. And now ... let's play!

Playing to get the ball into the hole where it should fit is not always easy for children. It is a great challenge, especially for the little ones. Therefore, the slot game It can be a good alternative to build challenges and challenges in children. A fun way to teach them to excel. Besides that, there are other benefits that this game provides:

1. Improves children's motor coordination

2. Increase your ability to balance

3. Help children to socialize

4. Teach children to follow rules and instructions

5. Teach children to lose and win. And to compete

6. Motivates children to overcome challenges and challenges

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