What children learn from their mistakes

What children learn from their mistakes

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Learning from experience is what most teaches both adults and children in this life. For this reason, parents should let children make mistakes from time to time, because it is the only way that there is real and integrated learning. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

From the moment the children are born, the parents love them unconditionally and as they grow up they are supported to learn everything in life, starting to sit, crawl or walk. Parents are the guides who will teach the little ones everything so that they are well and learn what they need. Support and teaching should always go hand in hand.

Although some parents feel uncomfortable, they also parents need to let children make some mistakesIn fact, letting children learn from them will increase their resilience, something that will increase their confidence, ability and happiness.

By giving children the opportunity to fight and make mistakes, they are allowing them to develop great social and emotional skills. But when a child is allowed to make mistakes, you must be sure that you are not putting their safety and peace of mind at risk.

The mistakes a child is allowed to make should always be in adult-controlled situations, to be able to help and guide him after the little one has made the mistake. The role of parents is to support and guide children and never do things for them, because children must learn to do it for themselves.

When children have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, what they really learn is:

1 - An opportunity to do things for themselves and also do it well
First it will be with the help and guidance of the parents, but little by little this help should decrease so that the little ones are able to do it themselves. For example, to tie his shoes, you can guide him through the process (guiding is not the same as doing it for him) until the little one learns to do it alone and without help.

2 - Learn new things
A mistake is always an opportunity to learn something new. Nobody is born known and you need to make mistakes in order to learn what we are experiencing. Math problems are a good example of this.

3 - Frustration tolerance
Life can be full of disappointments and failures, but it will be depending on how the child feels about these failures whether he is a successful person or not. Instead of focusing on victory as a teaching, you will have to reflect with your children on the journey and on all that they have learned.

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