7 teachings of San Vicente Ferrer to educate children in values

7 teachings of San Vicente Ferrer to educate children in values

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Parents must set an example to educate children in values ​​such as generosity, commitment, tolerance and respect for others. For this mission that we have, we can also be inspired by relevant figures in history, such as the life and work of San Vicente Ferrer, a saint who Through his teachings he transmits values ​​to educate children.

San Vicente Ferrer was a saint who dedicated his life to preaching the gospel in the most remote peoples of Spain, France and Switzerland. His name day is April 5.

He was born in Valencia in 1350 and his parents commissioned him from a very young age to distribute alms to the neediest people. In this way, Vicente Ferrer began to care for the poor and to cultivate Christian charity, helping the homeless and leading a humble life.

San Vicente Ferrer entered the Community of the Dominican Fathers and at only 21 years old he already became a University professor. He taught philosophy classes, so as a thinker he has left us a legacy of great phrases that serve us to educate our children in values.

He was correct in all of his predictions and performed some amazing miracles in the face of the crowds milling around him. It managed to gather up to 15,000 people! He was a great speaker and his sermons lasted for hours. In them he spoke of the importance of having healthy habits and practicing orderly customs. His words did not fall on deaf ears since, after passing through each of the towns, its inhabitants began to be better people.

He was a very politically committed man and had a great influence on the society in which he lived. As spokesman for the crown he sought to unify the church and promulgated obedience to the Pope. Let's see what messages we can extract from the sermons of the saint that help us so that children learn to live in harmony with their environment and that together we can build a better future.

1. Commitment
"You do not have to understand human suffering, but try to solve it to obtain a happy society." In short, the saint affirmed that do not waste time in regrets or in understanding things and answering why they have no answer. The important thing is to take action and commit to the causes. Our children must become aware of commitment.

2. Inner peace
"You have to indoctrinate the mind and soul so that together they can live in peace." What San Vicente Ferrer comes to tell us with this phrase is that we have to be consistent with ourselves and that the mind, emotions and will are not an obstacle to our life. Peace is another of the values ​​that appears continuously in the saint's speech. Teach your children to organize their behavior towards specific goals such as maintaining inner peace.

3. Diversity
'In this life there is no useless person, anyone can perform different functions'. Let's show our children the diversity of people and let's tell them that in this world we live with people of different races, religions, ideas or cultures… They have to see from the beginning that we are all different, but we are all the same; that the uniqueness of each one is wonderful and that each person contributes something different.

4. Kindness
"You must make a great effort to improve your conduct." From very early ages we must help children identify what behavior is correct and what is not. At first through the words yes and no and then with simple reasoning and examples. Let's ask them questions for them to answer themselves like: 'Do you think that can hurt someone?'

5. Prove with facts
'Action is a sentence without words'. With this phrase the saint meant that it is better to demonstrate our intentions with deeds than with lip service. It is better to do the right thing than to announce what you are going to do and then fail to do so.

6. Generosity
'Tell those citizens that I die dedicating my memories to them, promising them constant assistance and that my continuous prayers there in heaven will be for them, whom I will never forget.' San Vicente Ferrer always promised to intercede for others, in this life and after death. Teach your children to think about the welfare of others and help them practice generosity. Tell them that they can be generous not only by sharing material goods but for example by giving their time and attention to others.

7. Brotherhood
'Even if I don't live in this world, I will always be the son of Valencia. May they live in peace, that my protection will never be lacking. Tell my dear brothers that I die blessing them and giving them my last breath. ' This quote highlights the importance of ties and human relationships. Transmit to your children the value of brotherhood, not only between siblings but also between friends and neighbors. It favors feelings that unite them to the people who are part of their environment. Together we are always better!

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