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8 short stories about honesty to read and reflect with children

8 short stories about honesty to read and reflect with children

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The love of books is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. When a child reads, their creative mind stops understanding limits and travels through time, space, realities, emotions ... But, in addition, children's stories are a great educational resource for children to acquire knowledge, including different values. This time, we stop to collect some short stories with which we can teach children what honesty is and reflect on what it means to be honest.

The first problem we have to face when teaching children what honesty is is to understand this concept ourselves. If we dust the dictionary off the shelf (it is true, I am not being honest with you, I have consulted the Internet instead of a physical dictionary copy), we will know that the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines the honest person with a string of adjectives:Decent, decorous, modest, modest, reasonable, just, honest, upright or honest.

Therefore, we can conclude that this value talks about what is considered to be good (as opposed to what is wrong), refers to honesty with others, but also refers to honesty with ourselves and with others.

We cannot forget that children are not born knowing what honesty is, far from it. It is we adults who must guide them so that they understand and incorporate the different values ​​into their lives. Is Education in values It is very important for the child to have security and confidence in himself, but also for him to have a good coexistence now and when he is older. We want them to be people of integrity.

And at Guiainfantil we propose you to use stories as an educational resource to transmit this and other important values ​​to children.

And why do we rely on written stories for children to learn values? Experience tells us that they are an ideal vehicle for children to see exemplified behaviors that are desirable. In addition, research articles support that claim.

After analyzing hundreds of children educated in values ​​through fables and stories, the study 'Children's fables and their influence on the value of honesty in boys and girls aged 4 and 5 years' for the Technical University of Ambato (Ecuador ) ensures that they are an efficient, easy and useful tool to transmit good teachings to children, from their earliest age, since the stories are educational and at the same time attractive and fun for children.

For this reason, below we propose some stories that deal with honesty in its different aspects. If you want to read them in full, don't hesitate to click on the link for each one of them.

1. The tiger and the cow
We must keep the promises we make and we must tell the truth, even when difficult situations arise. This is what this traditional Latin American tale called 'The Tiger and the Cow' talks about. It will help you explain to your child why he should be honest with others.

2. The dictatorship of the lion
When we commit an injustice, like the king of the jungle in this story, we are also being dishonest. In the same way, when we stray from what is right, we do not do the people around us or ourselves any favors. Share this story with the children to reflect with them.

3. Sara and Lucia
The story that we now propose speaks of sincerity and why it is important to be loyal to our friends. It tells the story of a girl who is wondering whether to honestly tell her friend what she thinks of her shirt or if it will hurt her.

4. Starfish
Sometimes we stop being ourselves because we think people will like us better that way. But is this being honest with ourselves? It is right? In this position is the starfish star of this story. If you want to know the end of this story, share it with your children!

5. The pompous bear
Like the previous story, this story talks about being honest with ourselves and what we like or want. The Pomposo bear is usually dressed in a little quirky clothes, it's the style he likes the most! However, his companion the wolf often laughs at him a lot. Should the bear change his style to please people or should he be true to himself?

6. The tale of Pinocchio
This tale is a classic that has been passed down from generation to generation. Although it tells a somewhat cruel story of a wooden doll who wants to become a real child, it has been a tale that has been used for decades to explain in a very graphic way (with an increasingly long nose) by what not to tell lies.

7. The two pines
Having empathy for the pain or suffering of others and acting accordingly also means being honest. And this is precisely what the story of 'The Two Pines' speaks of. With this, in addition, we can reflect on the felling of trees and on the damage that humans do to nature.

8. Cascabel admits his mistakes
Acknowledging our mistakes and trying to repair them is also acting honestly. The squirrel in this story realizes that, in addition, he can learn a lot from his mistakes.

In addition to the stories that we have proposed, below you will find some keys that you must remember so that you can transmit to your children the value of honesty.

- Be a good example for children
We cannot expect children to be honest if we ourselves, the adults who educate them, are not. And it is that both parents and teachers are the most direct behavioral referents to which children have access.

- Incorporate emotional education into our upbringing
To be honest, we must be able to recognize how we feel. To do this, we must normalize talking about emotions and feelings at home, as well as teaching children to manage how they feel, whether they are pleasant emotions or if they are uncomfortable.

- We must be aware of our limitations, but also of our strengths
Thanks to self-knowledge, we must teach children to recognize what their limitations are, but also what their strengths are and how they can enhance them. We must convey to them the need to fight for what they want to achieve.

- Loyalty, humility, friendship ...
Related to honesty, we find other values ​​that we must also transmit to children so that they are people of integrity.

- Respect is a norm at home
Since they are very young, we must teach children that respect is an inescapable value. But for them to respect others, they too must be treated with respect. And this is the moment when parents must also apply the story to ourselves.

It is more than clear that short stories are a good vehicle for children to learn values, right? Well, in addition to using them to talk about honesty, we can use them to explain other values ​​such as what we propose below.

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