6 beautiful values ​​that Rafa Nadal transmits to children (and parents)

6 beautiful values ​​that Rafa Nadal transmits to children (and parents)

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Rafa Nadal does not stop breaking records and winning more and more trophies. The tennis player, since he became fond of having a racket in his hands when he could barely speak, has become a benchmark in the world of sport. However, this time we are not coming to tell you about the tennis player's success, you already know that very well, we are going to do something better, we are going to let you know the very important values ​​that Rafa Nadal transmits to all children. Do not miss it, they are values ​​that parents can also learn.

Rafa Nadal always shows himself in public as a shy, respectful person and, despite the overwhelming success he achieves in each project he undertakes, very humble. That is why many and many have him as a reference and model person, for his way of being, for his solidarity and for his great heart, especially when it comes to helping people who need it most. These are the values ​​that it transmits to children and parents:

1. With work and effort, everything is possible
Would you say that an elite athlete is made or born? Okay, we all have qualities and abilities for certain kinds of things, as is the case with Nadal with tennis, but that is not enough. To get where you want you have to work, make an effort and give the best of yourself. And if not ask Rafa Nadal, an example of overcoming.

2. Solidarity
Why do we say that Rafa Nadal is a simple person who knows how to value the important things in life? Well, because, in addition to always being by the side of his loved ones, he knows that it is important to help those who need it most. The Mallorcan always collaborates in charitable causes and invites other athletes to help others in adverse situations. Undoubtedly something that should serve as an example, and no, you do not have to be an athlete or famous to be supportive, each one can help to the best of their ability.

3. Tell yourself that you're going to win
If you tell yourself over and over again that you are not going to achieve something, it is very possible that it is, however, if you repeat the phrase 'I can achieve it' several times, you have many more options for it to be fulfilled. A winning mentality, added to the effort to give the best of oneself, gives great results.

4. Dreams do come true
Rafa Nadal, when he was a child and just saw the taste of tennis, he did not know that he was going to get where he has arrived but, what is very likely, is that he dreamed of achieving success. Dreams can come true, you just have to say it out loud and give them the value they deserve.

To the values ​​that I have just told you, I think that all these others that you can read below can be added. They are those values ​​that I want my children to learn and what better way to do it, taking the example of Rafa Nadal.

5. Falling is allowed, getting up is mandatory
Do not be fooled; Rafa Nadal has not become one of the best tennis players in the world overnight, it has taken time and effort and also several falls. You can lose, in tennis or anything else, but we always have to find the strength to get up and move on. What is a message that we should learn and teach our children?

6. Humility
And, when you have already learned these necessary values, when you have reached where you wanted, remember that it will be of little use if you do not keep this other value in mind: humility. Humility to continue being you, to love yourself and others and to know how to give thanks.

What have you learned from Rafa Nadal? What are the values ​​that you would say that it transmits to young and old? You don't even have to meet him in person to say that the tennis player is able to teach these important values ​​to all of us. Rafa Nadal, a champion like the only one in the world of tennis, is also a model person from whom we will surely continue to learn many more values.

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