The importance of habits and routines for children and babies

The importance of habits and routines for children and babies

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Children need to follow a routine to feel safe and calm in their environment. This routine establishes schedules, but also repetitive habits help to build an emotional balance that provides them with a very important mechanism for their education and for the construction of their personality. The repetition of everyday acts form habits and the repetition of habits form virtuesThat's why they are so important, but let's look at it in more detail.

Habits and routines should be put in children since they are small, because that will help them develop their personality and grow as an adult. But why are they so important? What benefits can they have for them but also for parents?

1. It gives you a lot of security
For children, everything is new and unknown and, at times, this can create a lot of insecurity and arouse some fear. Knowing what they have to do at all times will give them a lot of peace and tranquility.

2. They will be more persistent and constant people
Children do not know the order of things when they are born, so we adults must teach them to organize their lives through stable schedules associated with routines, that is, through activities that are done every day in the same way.

3. Helps them discover the world
Rituals are repeated that help the child to assimilate an internal scheme that turns his world into a predictable and, therefore, safe place.

4. Allow them to organize themselves better
Children will learn what they have to do in each moment, which makes them more responsible people. For example, they know that they have to turn in an assignment for school on a certain date and work for it.

5. They improve the family environment
If the child learns from a very young age that it is an established thing and that it must be done, probably, on more than one occasion, you will avoid an unnecessary discussion since he will see it as something normal and as your order. Power struggles will be eliminated!

6. Teaches them values ​​such as cooperation
There will be things that he will have to do alone, such as brushing his teeth, but others that will be done in a group and that will serve as an 'excuse' to work at home on values ​​such as cooperation or solidarity.

7. Learn to value things
Routines and habits are good, but so is surprise. Nothing happens if one day you break the rules; on the contrary, it will show the child the value of life.

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- The routine It is a personal custom established for convenience and that does not allow modification, that is to say, it is inflexible; for example, hanging the gown on the hanger before leaving class.

- He habitIt is a stable mechanism that creates skills and that we can also use for different situations: for example, fastening. According to Antonia Fernández Gutiérrez, "they are customs, attitudes, forms of conduct or behaviors that entail patterns of conduct and learning. A well-acquired and used habit allows us to cope with daily events."

- Habits and routines provide a very important mechanism of constancy and regularity and, therefore, they are essential for both family and school life.

There are some areas of children's lives where it is very important to establish routines and habits. Food, sleep and hygiene are the first habits that children have to learn.

According to the Austrian psychiatrist and educator, Rudolf Driekurs, 'the daily routine is for children what walls are for a house, it gives borders and dimension to life. The routine gives a sense of security. The established routine gives a sense of order from which freedom is born. ' And, the big question, how to get it? Here are some tips!

- Get the child to sleep alone and in his room
That the child can rest at night is vital so that the next day he can perform at school. Their rest, in addition, has a direct impact on that of parents and on everyone's state of mind. That is why it is important that we apply childhood sleep habits.

The little ones will go to sleep after dinner, but it doesn't have to be right away. Children need a transit time between dinner and sleep and, at this time, you can do activities that relax them such as telling them a story or giving them a massage.

You can also do a breathing exercise so that they can find their inner peace or listen to some music. All of this would be done, of course, after they brush their teeth, pee and have their pajamas on, and most of all with the room in dim light.

- Get the child to eat healthy
Habits for healthy eating can be established from the time the mother is pregnant because the child can perceive differences between sweet and salty foods in the uterus. When it comes to this world, we must establish fixed guidelines such as not offering them very sugary foods, always cook at home, not abuse saturated fats and give them five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day.

And it is that food influences the physical and mental health of children and, therefore, their optimal development. Hence, healthy eating habits must be accompanied by constant physical activity.

- Tricks to establish healthy hygiene habits
In the mission that we have as parents to establish routines and habits in our children's day, we cannot forget that we are the mirror where they look at themselves, we must set an example! If they see us wash our hands before and after every meal, after going to the bathroom or when cooking, they will too! The same goes for dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner is vital to keeping our teeth healthy. If you do, they will copy you!

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