Learn at home with games. 31 homemade educational resources for kids

Learn at home with games. 31 homemade educational resources for kids

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Thinking about doing homework doesn't sound funny at all, does it? Neither for the children, who will have to do them, nor for the parents, who will be by their side to give them our support. But, there is a much more entertaining and effective way for children to review the knowledge they have learned in class: playing! Learn at home through games using all home educational resources that we propose below.

You can prepare from home all the activities that we suggest since, in general, they use materials that we all have saved. They are designed for children of different primary grades, so you will have to adapt them to the level of knowledge of your children according to their age.

We started the school day at home by reviewing a little math. Below you will find very good and simple educational resources that will allow younger children to learn numbers or to add and older children to use multiplication tables or learn Roman numerals. Go for it!

1. The jars of sums
With popsicle sticks, colored numbers and jars of drunk yogurt (although another type of container may also work) we review the numbers with the children. We can go a step further and use them to start adding. With this resource it is much more fun!

2. The addition machine
With a cardboard box and some rolls of paper we can make our own adding machine. It is an ideal tool to teach children in a practical and visual way the concept of addition.

3. Do we practice additions with carries?
Once children learn to do simple addition and subtraction, it is time to learn to do carry operations. To help you at first, this game can be very very useful. In addition, as it is very attractive, children will not want to stop using it, and they will practice addition much longer!

4. Tricks to learn the multiplication tables
All parents dread the moment when our children have to start learning their multiplication tables, right? And it is that many of us remember it as something boring, repetitive and that had to be learned by heart. Well, in Guiainfantil we have some tricks that will make this task much easier.

5. The butterfly teaches us to add fractions
Is your child studying fractions? With the butterfly game it will be much easier to remember the procedure to arrive at the correct result. Learn how to play fraction butterfly.

6. The numbers fortune-teller's game
Have you ever played guess the number someone else is thinking? It seems like a thing of magic, but in reality it is a mathematical formula, a step by step to follow, which will allow you to reach that figure. It is a game to show off to friends but also to work on mental math.

7. Learn Roman Numerals
Some children have a hard time learning Roman numerals. But thanks to this board game it will be much easier and, above all, fun. Do you want to try it? Preparing the board and the tiles is very easy.

Learning language can also be very, very fun if we use educational resources as simple as dictations, proverbs or board games. Here we propose some.

8. Dictation for children of all ages
Dictations are a very useful type of exercise for children of all ages. We can start doing them from when the little ones know how to write and until they reach the last years of high school. And it is that these allow to work on spelling, calligraphy, concentration, listening ... And we have many examples of texts adapted to the different primary grades!

9. Didactic poems
To conjugate verbs; to learn the difference between 'a', 'ah' and 'ha'; to know how to write an essay; or to practice writing texts ... Don't miss the best didactic poems for children.

10. Tongue twister
Learning tongue twisters will teach children new vocabulary, but they will also be able to learn to speak in a more fluent way. You will have a great time.

11. The verbs board game
If your child is learning the different tenses and verb modes, this game that we have called The Verbs Challenge! it is just what you need. Don't miss the educational board that we have prepared!

12. The misspelling board
With a little practice, children's spelling mistakes will start to disappear. A very fun way to achieve this is through board games like the one proposed by this board. You will love it!

13. The Guardian of the H
This game, which can be adapted to any letter of the alphabet so that children learn all the spelling rules, will make our son the guardian of the H. He will take care of pointing out all the words he finds with that letter. We will tell you about this game and others in more detail so that children can learn the spelling rules.

Leisure and learning go hand in hand with children's stories, poetry and theater. Here are some ideas for activities at home related to children's literature.

14. The best stories to read with children
When we wake up, before eating, before naps, before sleeping ... Any time of the day is good for reading stories with children. To do this, we propose stories designed for children of different ages. With them, in addition to practicing reading skills, children can learn values, reflect on their behavior or learn more about distant countries.

15. Reading comprehension games to do with your children
And after reading a story, we cannot stop taking the opportunity to propose a game or reading comprehension exercise. With these we can evaluate the level of understanding and attention and, from there we can intuit what can be reinforced. And what better than to do it through the game of truth?

16. Animal poetry to recite
Children often love animal poetry. Therefore, we suggest that you choose your favorite, memorize it and recite it to your friends.

17. Organize a play at home
Have you ever organized a play at home? In Guiainfantil we have some great scripts with which you can prepare theatrical performances all together, as a family.

Let's go now with the natural sciences, geography and history class! To do this, we propose below some homemade games and educational resources.

18. Eva rubber homemade world map
With this world map you will be able to know the different countries, continents and oceans without leaving home. To do it you only need rubber foam and patience. It is a craft that you will enjoy a lot while you create it and while you use it to learn geography.

19. We meet the historical figures
We propose you some tender and fun biographies in children's story format that bring children closer to the lives of different relevant historical figures such as Cleopatra, Napoleon, Shakespeare or Marie Curie.

20. How does the respiratory system work?
With this model that you can make yourself at home, children will understand in a more visual way how air enters through the nose and finally reaches the lungs.

21. Solar system mockup
If there is something that fascinates all children, it is outer space. To bring you a little closer to our solar system and to help you remember the names of neighboring planets, we suggest you make this model with Styrofoam balls. Did you know that doing crafts as a family is a perfect excuse to spend more time together?

22. We learn what the weather is today
And finally, we propose a very simple game for younger children. They have yet to learn to distinguish what it means when the weather is cloudy, that it is sunny, that it starts to rain ... This is a great game that children will learn and have fun with.

23. Your own atmospheric thermometer
And for slightly older children, we suggest you make an atmospheric thermometer. The materials you need to do it at home are easy to find: a bottle, a straw, a bowl, water ... Fun and learning are guaranteed.

24. Plant a lentil
In a jar of yogurt or an old glass that we have at home, we can plant a legume with a little soil and water. It won't take long to start growing. This experience, in addition to being very exciting for everyone, can serve as an excuse to talk with children about the plant cycle.

What if we turn our homes into laboratories? Here are some great science experiments to do with kids without getting too complicated!

25. Homemade Lava Lamp
Wow! This lava lamp will teach us to experience why oil and water do not come together. In addition, it will show us the spectacular effect of effervescent tablets. A hit for the days at home!

26. A spectacular liquid rainbow
Natural rainbows are not liquid, but with this experiment we managed to put it in a glass. Do you want to try doing it at home?

27. Bounce an Egg
What happens if you throw an egg on the ground? It breaks, right? (and make a mess at home that we don't even want to imagine). With this experiment you will get that when you throw it to the ground, it bounces and turns into a ball. You do not believe it? Check it out for yourself!

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And finally, we have to brush up on English, so that we do not forget everything we have learned in school. Here are some ideas!

28. Watch movies in English
Many families accustom their children to watching children's movies or cartoons in English. It is a good way for children to 'listen' and get used to this language.

29. Read stories in English together
The stories in English are a great educational resource for children to learn English in a more entertaining way. And in Guiainfantil we have some that are great!

30. Sing songs in English
Songs in English are one of the classic resources for learning the language. You can also sing them from home!

31. The Dressing up game
This is a game that you can start every day so that your children learn English in a simple way. It is about naming in English all the clothes that you are putting on every morning. You can also extend the game to other days by even organizing a fashion show.

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