Recycling crafts for kids with paper rolls

Recycling crafts for kids with paper rolls

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Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children. We must educate children from an early age in the reuse of materials. And one of the easiest and most entertaining ways to do it is with these crafts for children. In this case, we suggest recycling crafts that use toilet paper rolls that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, but above all so that they, in the future, can continue to contribute to this work. Crafts with recycled materials like paper rolls are perfect for World Recycling Day, or any day of the year! They are an ideal entertainment for the days when we all stay at home together.

Use the recycling roll crafts to make homemade or celebratory costume accessories. The little ones in the house love to become different characters and with a simple box they can let their imagination run wild. So you can enjoy an ecological Carnival or you can decorate a birthday party while your children develop their creative abilities.

But, on the other hand, with the toilet paper rollers you can also make some precious ecological toys. These are a very interesting option to teach recycling to childrenDecorations for your room, princess castles or cars can be made with simple and recycled materials. In this way they will also learn to value manual work and the importance of respecting nature.

Let's see some ideas with rolls of paper! Also, prepare paint, glue, and scissors.

Airplane with rolls of paper. Learn how to make a beautiful airplane out of toilet paper rolls step by step. Easy crafts with recycled materials for children. We teach you how to make a toy for children recycling toilet paper rollers. A simple and suitable craft for children of 8 years of age.

Rocket with rolls of paper. Toy rocket. Recycling crafts. our site teaches you how to make, step by step, a toy rocket made out of toilet paper rolls. Ideal to decorate at Christmas, or to give for a birthday.

Easter Bunny. Easter bunny with rolls of toilet paper. Children's crafts for the Easter and Holy Week holidays. Homemade crafts to do at Easter with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Multicolored butterfly. How to make a beautiful butterfly with toilet paper rolls. With imagination, you can make this beautiful craft with children. Multicolored butterfly, with recycling material, to decorate the children's room. Invite your child to make this easy craft, a unique opportunity to have fun as a family.

Ladybug with rolls of paper. How to make a ladybug out of a toilet paper roll. Turn everyday objects into decorations made with children. our site proposes to make easy crafts for children, recycling the toilet paper rollers that we normally throw away. Children can learn to recycle, playing and having fun.

Bee with rolls of paper. A fun craft idea for kids might be to make some of their favorite animals or characters out of recycling crafts, like this cute little flying bee.

Car with rolls of paper. How to make a homemade car with children. On our site we show you how to make a car using rolls of toilet paper. A very easy and simple recycling craft to do.

Race car. For children who love cars, we propose an original recycling craft on our site. Learn how to make a racing car craft out of rolls of paper step by step.

Binoculars with rolls of paper. Kids become little explorers when they're in the park, so they'll love this kid's craft of binoculars made from toilet paper rolls.

Pencil holder with paper rolls. On our site we show you how to make a Minions desk organizer. It is about making with recycled material, in this case, rolls of toilet paper, several pencil holders with the figure of these funny animated characters.

Chick with roll of paper. Help your children learn to recycle with this chick craft for kids made with a toilet paper roll, a very fun recycling craft.

Microphone with roll of paper. Crafts for children: microphone with recycling material. If your child wants to become a music star, you can make this children's microphone craft with a roll of toilet paper.

Snowman. Cardboard snowman. Christmas handcrafts. Crafts for children made with recycling material. Ideas for making homemade Christmas decorations with children.

Christmas crafts with paper rolls. Christmas crafts for children with recycled toilet paper rolls. Save any remaining toilet paper rolls to make crafts with children as original as a snowman, a Christmas tree or a Christmas wreath.

Halloween ghost. How to make Halloween ghosts. Children's recycling crafts. Terrifying Halloween ghosts made from recycled material. Crafts for children's Halloween party.

Halloween mummy. How to make a Halloween Mummy. Recycling crafts for children. GuiaInfantil teaches you, step by step, how to make this original and terrifying Halloween mummy to decorate using a roll of toilet paper.

Witch with scrolls of paper. Halloween witch. GuiaInfantil teaches you to make a witch to decorate the Halloween party using a roll of toilet paper. Cardboard crafts.

Bat with rolls of paper. Happy Halloween 2015. Halloween bat. These terrifying Halloween bats or vampires are made with recycled material and are ideal to decorate at a children's party.

Hoop shooting game. We teach you how to make a shooting game with a giraffe-shaped hoop. With it, children can do competitions, have a great time and also collaborate in the creation of homemade toys.

Water stick with paper roll. Water stick craft for children. This tool aims to reproduce, as its name suggests, the sound of rain or water. The indigenous cultures used it for their water rituals in periods of rain.

Advent Calendar. Advent calendar with recycling materials to make with the children this Christmas holidays. Make the wait for Christmas as sweet as possible. With this craft made of toilet paper rolls, you can make the Advent Calendar for your children.

Do you usually organize craft times at home? This is a great home activity to entertain children while improving some of the essential skills. Next we talk about the benefits of making crafts as a family. They will convince you to organize home workshops more often!

- Stimulate creativity
Children's creativity has no end and thanks to crafts they can leave it reflected in the materials, which invites them to be even more creative.

- Release tensions and work concentration
Thanks to the crafts, we can propose a moment of calm that helps to calm the most moved children, while working on their ability to concentrate.

- Reinforce children's self-esteem
The fact of contemplating the work that they themselves have created, reinforces the children's self-esteem. They realize that they too can be great artists.

- Work fine psychomotrocity
The crafts are also fun, they are a great exercise for children to put into practice their fine psychomotor skills: grabbing a pencil, cutting, making pincers with their fingers ...

- An alternative to screens
Making crafts is an ideal activity for children to spend less time making bad and excessive use of screens (with the damages that this has for their development). Manual work is a more beneficial leisure alternative for children and equally (or more) entertaining, as indicated in 'Development project for the creation of plastic arts and crafts workshops for children' as the thesis of Cristina Elizabeth Riofrío Tobar for the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (Ecuador).

- Spending quality family time
Crafts are one of those activities that allow us to spend more quality time with our children, that is, they allow us to spend time in a present and conscious way and enjoy all together. On a daily basis, there are not many moments that meet these characteristics, so we have to take advantage of those little moments that we spend together to do positive activities.

- Take the opportunity to talk and get to know us more
While we cut, color or draw, we can take the opportunity to talk about how we feel. It is a very special moment to get to know each other more.

- Teach collaboration and teamwork
One cuts, the other is responsible for gluing and another for coloring. How well (or how badly) we do it will depend on the final result of our craft. For this reason, this activity teaches children to collaborate, to work in a team, to pursue a joint goal and to feel an important part of a group or a joint task.

- Teach children to solve problems
While we do crafts, problems always appear that make work difficult: glue runs out, paper tears, we don't have buttons ... That's why this activity teaches children to solve problems in a more creative way. In this way, we also work on decision making.

In addition to the cardboard rolls, we can propose many more recycling crafts to our sons and daughters. Here are some beautiful creations that also reuse the cardboard we have at home.

- Cardboard football table
This is a toy that children will enjoy creating but also playing with. As you may have imagined, you need a shoe box for the field, a cardboard sheet to make the players and skewer sticks to keep them secure.

- Cardboard parking
This recycling craft is perfect to have fun creating it, playing with it and it is also very useful for storing your children's cars. If there is something that boys and girls of different ages like, it is cars.

- Cardboard locomotive
This train locomotive seems very complicated to make, but with patience and care the result is great. What is very clear is that children will have a great time playing with it.

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