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The most fashionable six letter names for boys

The most fashionable six letter names for boys

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If you are thinking about what name to name your child, we have selected for you ten names that have something in common: they are children's names with six letters. Any of these names is a good choice for your future child. Do you like any of them?

Know that the number 6 is related to order and the meaning of justice. It is a name that implies the value of truth and love. Its astrological equivalent is Venus. In mathematics it is a perfect and semi-perfect number, since its divisors / 1, 2 and 3) add up to 6.

Another curiosity about this digit that you may not have realized until now. Did you know that this number is in the six-pointed star, popularly known as the Star of David? This star is the sum of two triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down. And all this means a complete balance, because the energies of heaven and earth come together.

Stop counting on your fingers. If you like male names with six letters, here is a selection! It will cost you to choose!

The name Daniel takes us back to the Bible, since he is one of the Old Testament prophets. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'justice of God', since Dan means judge or justice and El refers to the figure of God. Curiously, the meaning of the name arises at the moment in which Daniel's mother and Jacob's wife said: 'God has done me justice with this son'.

Did you know that Daniel was recognized for his ability to interpret dreams and for being a defender of just causes, honoring the meaning of justice in his name? Daniel also reminds us of the movie 'Daniel the Naughty'. What do you think of this name for your little one? Let's hope he's not like the protagonist of this comedy!

It is a name that is not very seen and that could be a good choice for your baby. Sergio's name comes from the Latin Sergius, which means to guard, guard or guardian and protector. It was an Etruscan name imported by the Romans and its meaning may come from the Roman Sergia Tribe, to which Roman citizens were assigned to exercise their right to vote in elections called Comitia tributa. It is a name with great strength that denotes bravery and courage! Does it fit for your baby?

It reminds us of the archangel Michael, who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary, or the great genius of the Renaissance, Michelangelo. It is a very used name, it comes from Hebrew and means Who is like God? Do you know that a lot is put next to the name of Angel precisely because of the Archangel Michael who is the first of the angels and the one who defeated the fallen angels?

It is a gentleman's name and it is a very widespread surname in Spain because many hidalgos took their father's name as their surname. Let's not forget that in literature it is the name of the protagonist of the most important work of all time, Alonso Quijano, better known as Don Quixote.

It comes from the Hebrew Emmanuel which means 'God accompanies us' or 'God is with us'. His name day is the first day of the year, January 1. Manuel is a very popular name in Spain and accepts different names and diminutives such as: Manu, Manolo, Lolo, Manolito, Lito ...

As a curiosity, we will tell you that the name Manuel was given to Muslims and Jewish converts at the time of the Reconquest, precisely because of its meaning as proof of conversion to the Christian faith. Do you like to wear it to your child? Test how it fits with the surnames.

Another very Spanish name is the name Carlos. Carlos has German origins and means 'the free man', although it can also come from the Greek gueraléos which meant 'old', that is why it also has the meaning of a wise, expert or mature man.

The name of Carlos has traditionally been put to the royal houses. Famous kings who bore this name were Carlos I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire or Carlos III of Spain, who was called the Best Mayor of Madrid. Do you want your son to have the name of a king? Carlos is a very successful option! His saint is November 4 and you can use Charlie, Charles, Carlo, Carlitos or Litos as variants.

Javier's name comes from Navarra and means 'new house' or 'castle'. If you give your son this name, you should visit the Navarran town that gave him origin and especially its castle, because the name is shaped by joining two Basque words eche and berri (new house or castle). In that house San Francisco Javier was born.

It is also a nice name. It brings to mind the literary character of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Arthur has a Greek origin from the terms arktos ouros and means 'guardian of the Great Bear' or 'noble bear'. You can look at the sky and tell your child that he is the guardian of the stars of that constellation.

It reminds us of the figure of Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant and traveler. It will also remind some of the protagonist of Marco's cartoons, the boy who goes to find his mother from the Apennines to the Andes. It has Latin origin and comes from Marticus and Marcus which means 'consecrated to Mars', the Roman god of war. There is another possible origin of the name, the one that comes from the German word martello which means 'virile'. You have some variations of this sonorous name in Markus or Marc.

It comes from the Greek Andros and means strong man, winner, with vital force. It is a name for an energetic and courageous boy. In the Bible, Saint Andrew was one of the twelve apostles, the brother of Peter. It has several variations Andrew, André, Ander, Andreas or Andreu.

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