Children's songs of always with a dire message for children

Children's songs of always with a dire message for children

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Music is fun, it makes our hearts happy, it invites us to dance, it encourages us to express our feelings and it also teaches us very important values ​​to grow as people. All this and much more are the advantages of just listening to a few musical notes, now, those notes and those songs must be, let's say, of quality and according to the age of each one. That is why below we have compiled some Traditional nursery rhymes that convey a dire message and very few values ​​to children. Knowing them will help us avoid them and listen to only the music that is really worth it.

There are many children's songs, some lively, others quieter, with story lyrics, with incredible chords ... And there are also children's songs that really do not add anything, what's more, they are songs with little values ​​and negative messages for the little ones of the house. If you listen to some of the songs that you are going to see on this list, turn off the radio!

1. So he washed
'Monday before lunch, a girl went to play, but she couldn't play because she had to wash. That's how I washed like that, like that… 'I don't remember how it went on but I do remember as if it were yesterday that this was one of the most popular songs in my school. A message as dire and unwise as that girls are in charge of washing. I hope no one ever sings it again!

2. Don Federico killed his wife
Surely you have sung more than once and more than two when you were little while playing clapping with your friends the song 'Don Federico'. It said something like this: 'Don Federico killed his wife, made her into mincemeats and put her to stir'. And I'm sure you have never stopped to think about the negative message that he sends us. Well now that we know it, avoid that your children hear it, sing it and use it as a schoolyard song.

3. As the boat passed the boatman told me
'As the boat passed by, the boatman told me: pretty girls don't pay money ...' I think the only good thing about this was that he said: 'I'm not pretty, nor do I want to be ...' I remember this perfectly. song because my mother, who also sang it when I was little, taught it to me. Of course, now that I realize things, I am not going to teach it to my children, and if I do it will be as an example of negative songs. You may get the impression that I am a bit critical, but I think it is the only way to educate in equality.

4. I am captain
"I am the captain of an English ship and in each port I have a woman, the blonde is phenomenal and the brunette is not bad either." No comments ... Or rather, let's make comments, many, so that these types of nefarious children's songs with zero values ​​stop being considered popular songs.

5. Sleep boy, the coconut is coming
'To sleep, to sleep, the coconut comes and takes the children who sleep little ...' And we trying to get the children to go to bed happy, content and without any fear and negative nursery rhymes like this. quite the opposite. Did they sing it to you too when you were little? Me!

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And here are more songs whose dire messages should make you decide that they are not going to be heard at home.

6. Pin Pon
'Pin Pon is a very handsome cardboard doll, he washes his face with soap and water; she untangles her hair with an ivory comb, when she pulls herself she doesn't cry or do like that ... 'It's not that it's a nursery rhyme as dire and negative as the previous ones, but it does lack positive values, what's more, the only thing it teaches us is that you have to be handsome or at least pretend.

7. We will eat salad
'... we will eat salad what the gentlemen eat, oranges and lemons ...' Nothing, I don't remember what went before and after in this nursery rhyme, but, to tell the truth, thank goodness! Songs like these that allude to inequality, it is better to forget them.

8. Trompita Elephant
'I have an elephant called Trompita, who moves his ear calling for his mommy and the mother tells him to behave well, trompita if I'm not going to make a chacha in your tail.' That is, if the poor elephant does not arrive on time, his mother hits him on the bottom. Another song to get out of our mind, right?

9. All the ducklings went swimming
'All the ducklings went swimming. The smallest one wanted to stay, his angry mother wanted to scold him and the poor duckling started crying. ' I said, never again a song that talks about hitting or scolding for no reason. We must educate with love and always with respect!

Can you think of any other negative nursery rhymes with no values? Add it to our 'never again' list.

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