Tongue twister

Family tongue twisters for children. Play to lock your tongue with your children

Family tongue twisters for children. Play to lock your tongue with your children

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For dads, moms, children, grandparents, uncles ... we suggest you play with family-related tongue twisters. There are tongue twisters on all the characters that the families star in. In addition to having fun, these tongue twisters are tools that will help children to unlock and exercise their tongue, and thus improve their way of speaking. It is a game that can be shared at home, at school recess, in the waiting room for a consultation, or anywhere.

The mother and daughter go to mass.
The mother steps on straw and the daughter steps on straw

Dad, put bread for Pepín,
for Pepín put bread, dad

Dad peels more potatoes than Pepa
If Pepa peels fewer potatoes,
who peels potatoes more than Pepa

The son of the hippo is hiccupping
Who removes the hiccups from the son of the hippo?

The Flores family has a vase full of flowers.
They live on Florida Street
from the Flores district,
they spend the days watering
and watching the flowers bloom
from your flower shop which is the best in Florida

Uncle Tito tries to hit the ground running
well shiver from cold

My mom pampers me
and I pamper my mom

Grandpa caused a stir on the flight.
What commotion did Grandpa cause on the flight?

My mom buys little coconut
because I eat little coconut
little coconut buys

My sister gave a banana to a dwarf
in exchange for an apple
but the apple that the dwarf gave him
my sister did not like it

It costs grandmother
climb the hill,
and in the middle of the hill,
goes and lies down

Tongue twisters are a very welcome educational and leisure tool among children. This fun game, in addition to entertaining, stimulates children's vocabulary and diction. It also provides many other benefits such as:

  1. Increase vocabulary
  2. Promotes reading fluency and speed
  3. Promotes reading comprehension
  4. Improve oral language and way of speaking
  5. Stimulates attention and understanding
  6. Promotes knowledge and sense of rhyme
  7. Stimulates memory
  8. Amuse and entertain children
  9. They transmit knowledge and experiences

5 difficult tongue twisters for kids. We challenge you to read quickly the 5 most difficult tongue twisters for children. You already know that tongue twisters are great for practicing diction and improving the pronunciation of certain phonemes. These that we propose, will be very useful to practice the phonemes C, P, M and P. Do you dare to read them quickly?

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