6 routines that help parents meet all their family goals

6 routines that help parents meet all their family goals

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What are the goals you have for yourself as a mother or father? What are the ones you have, at least in the short term, regarding children and their education and upbringing? Sure, a lot of little great things come to mind. I have those goals too! Now comes the most complicated. How to make them come true? It is at this point that we have to talk about some routines that will help us achieve all those family goals that parents set for ourselves.

Goals and objectives there are many, as many as you can imagine. For example, trying to enhance the talent of your children so that they see that they have a lot of great abilities, teach them that they should not stop pursuing their dreams for nothing in the world, educate them without having to use the word 'no' every moment, become an example to follow for our children and enjoy them as much as possible.

That's for naming you some, because I can also think of many other goals, let's say something more everyday, that I would like my children to achieve right now, but that gives me that it's going to take more than one effort. I tell you, for example, that my two-year-old daughter eats vegetables and shares her toys when she is in the park, or that my seven-year-old son does his homework without having to tell him more than once or that Get into the routine of clearing your room at least when you see that you can no longer take a step without stepping on a toy. The point is, they are things that take time, right?

What can parents do to help them create and reach goals? Well, first of all, be patient, second, lead by example and third, follow a series of routines inside and outside the home, routines for them and also for us.

Let's see some routines that parents and children can do to create and achieve goals in the family.

1. Save a moment of the day to think
Do you also get the feeling that the day is flying by? So much so that you don't have a moment to stop and think. Here is the number one routine and perhaps one of the most necessary, save a few minutes at any time of the day to think, reflect and value all the good things in our life. This is how we can set goals in a calm and meaningful way.

2. Do the same thing every day at the same time
If you want your children to get used to picking up their things, don't make it look like an imposition or something like punishment ('if you don't clean up the room, there won't be pictures'). I think it is better to try a routine. Every day, for example, before dinner, you tell them it's time to order, you cook the kitchen and they tell them the toys and their clothes. The example of parents and routine will not take long to bear fruit.

3. Talk to your children every day
What more routines can we create inside and outside the home to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves? Well, talk to the children to see how they feel, to tell us how our day has gone and to explain things that are necessary in a relaxed atmosphere. I, for example, often take advantage of the way back from school to talk with my son about the importance of saying how we feel with words and not with tantrums.

4. The personal corner of each
For the more complicated goals to achieve, each child will have a different one, we can try the game of the safe and personal corner of each one. It is about each child, also valid for parents, 'ask' for a corner of the house where they can go when they want to think or when they are angry. It will be the full stop to order your thoughts. What is a very practical idea?

5. Start the day in a good mood
Start the day in a good mood, with background music while you sit at the table with your children and start the morning slowly. I know it seems impossible, but you will see that you immediately implement this routine at home. The result, happy children and parents as well as a perfect environment to enjoy each other. Another goal achieved!

6. Read a family story every day
A good routine that will allow us many of the goals and objectives that we set ourselves as parents is to read a story all together, once a day. This activity will allow us to spend more time with our children. But the best of all is that this time we spend with our children is quality time that will allow us to build beautiful memories. But, in addition, thanks to the stories we transmit values ​​to them, we teach them vocabulary, we work on their oral and written expression, we teach them to concentrate ... Mission accomplished!

And you? What goals do you have at home? What are the routines that you follow to achieve them? Share it with me!

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