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6 things parents should unlearn about themselves and their children

6 things parents should unlearn about themselves and their children

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From the first time I heard it, it is a subject that has caught my attention. The new educational currents argue that to have a good learning we must unlearn. Well, I am convinced that this principle can also be applied to the education of families, and perhaps I have found a way here that I would like to share with you. These are the 6 things I think parents should unlearn and then re-learn.

Unlearning means doubting everything we have done previously. In other words, it means having a critical attitude towards everything we have built with our children, educationally speaking. Just the fact of having this attitude predisposes us to have new learning.

But what are all these things that parents should unlearn? Let's see some of those that I consider main.

1. Unlearn the fact of educating without being aware of the process
We do not have to doubt everything, but we must doubt things or educational aspects that we do on automatic pilot without questioning anything. Many times they are patterns of responses or behavior inherited from another era or from other people, but that do not correspond in time or form with the reality of our life, or of our children. Doubt and question yourself.

2. Unlearn the beliefs that are given to us and reflect on those on which we want to base the education of children
The second is that many times in our life we ​​have learned many things in an imposing way, that is, as our grandparents already did and our parents have done with us. We must unlearn to do it as 'it has been imposed on us' and ask ourselves: should I do it with my children? Is it right or wrong?

These are the famous beliefs that parents have when it comes to educating, and these beliefs in most cases are what make us very limited in our ability to educate our children well.

3. Unlearn the type of parents we are and re-establish ourselves as the best parents
The third is that being able to relearn is being able to learn again, it is never too late to learn to improve, to want to be a better father or mother. Ultimately, what is at stake is the education of our children. Learn it and apply it.

4. Unlearn our concept of childhood and adapt it to current times
The fourth, unlearning to relearn is to position oneself in the place of now, with the children of now, with the adolescents of now, with the moment they live now, that is, to be more empathetic.

Knowing the adolescents and children of today will avoid us falling into the error of thinking that our generation was better, or that the children of before had more values. That is a mantra that is repeated generation after generation, and it is not true. Not because it is repeated many times is true. Anyone who argues or positions himself from this point of view lacks a current vision of reality. Adapting to the new times is creating, generating new opportunities accompanying our children.

5. Unlearn our attitude and take it back from commitment and effort
Unlearning and relearning gives us two general attitudes that we even see as positive for our children to incorporate as they are, commitment and effort. Commitment because you have to commit to yourself and to the changing situation; and effort, because you must make an effort to unlearn in order to learn again. That is why they are two values ​​that will determine your success.

5. Unlearn to be afraid to keep learning
The last one is knowing that continuing to unlearn and learn puts us at an advantage over the education of our children. The reality is that nothing is forever, so what we learn today with our children can go well for us right now; however, perhaps tomorrow we should unlearn to learn new things with our grandchildren.

And is that in the adaptation is the improvement.

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