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Choosing a spring name for our daughter

Choosing a spring name for our daughter

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In spring, multiple tummies emerge from behind their coats. Until now we did not suspect that our neighbor or that girl we met on the bus were pregnant. Just as in spring flowers are born, birds sing and the sun looks more beautiful, so future moms anticipate the birth of their baby, showing off their beautiful tummies. Are you considering choose a spring name for your daughter?

Without a doubt, spring inspires poems, songs, stories ... Why not also the name that we will choose for our little one? Nature and flowers offer us enough name ideas for boys and girls. At the end of the day they have a lot in common with our babies: beauty, showiness, delicious smell, delicacy, strength, gift of nature ...

Spring can inspire us with the name of our child: who has not been captivated by a beautiful lily, a colorful violet or an aromatic rose? Well, they too can motivate the name of our little girl.

We can take into account the flowering date, the characteristics of the flower (fragrance and appearance), or simply our preference or taste for a specific one.

For example, I have a friend named Abril, although she was not born in this month, but in January. It may be that her mother longed for spring or that the birth of her daughter was a spring for her. In any case, I find it a very nice name and, of course, spring.

If you stop to think, surely you realize that the names of flowers for girls are many: Margarita, Rosa, Begoña, Violeta, Celinda ... said in a row they not only sound good, but they also smell good, do you? don't you think Flowers evoke our senses and cause us well-being ... How good to choose a flower or nature name, as it is very evocative!

Once you are clear that you want to give your daughter a spring name, let's see some examples. Although it is true that there are also names for children that are inspired by this season of the year (such as Narciso or Jacinto), this time we focus on the names for girls. Here are some ideas that we have arranged according to the alphabet.

1. Lily. We start with one of our favorite flower names: Azucena. It is a name of Arabic origin that refers to a beautiful white or pink flower.

2. Azalea. The beauty of azaleas is unique. You should know that this name for your baby has Greek origin and means 'dry'.

3. Amaryllis. Do you know the amaryllis flower? Is beautiful! So much so that you can use it as a name for your daughter. Its origin is Greek and transmits great charm.

4. Begoña. The begonia flower inspires you to choose the best name for a girl. It is a name of Basque origin whose saints are October 11.

5. Camellia. The elegance of camellia flowers is indisputable. As a name, we must speak of a Latin origin. Do you know someone with that name?

6. Cynthia. The Cintia flower stands out for its bright yellow color. But it also attracts attention because it is a precious name for your daughter. Its origin is Greek and means 'the one that comes from the mountain'.

7. Dahlia. Among the flower names for girls, we come to Dalia, a beautiful option of Latin origin that, however, is a flower that blooms in summer.

9. Flower. There is no better name for a girl who is born in one of the spring months! But you can also use one of the variations: Flora or Florinda.

11. Hydrangea. This is a name that, although it is not very current, does not lose beauty. It comes from Latin and its saint is January 11.

12. Jasmine. Have you ever smelled a jasmine? Its aroma is unique! So much so that it can inspire you to call your baby Jasmine or Jasmine. It is a name of Persian origin, neither more nor less!

We continue with this beautiful list of spring touch for names for girls. And, how could it be otherwise, we continue to be inspired by the most beautiful flowers in any garden.

13. Lilac. Beautiful name for any baby born in spring. Did you know that it is a name of Hebrew origin? We don't know if you don't like the name Lila or Lis more.

15. Magnolia. Magnolia is a name of French origin that is inspired by this beautiful white flower.

16. Daisy flower. Margarita (or Marga, for friends) is another of those names that have been used for several generations, although it has become obsolete. Its origin is Greek and refers to pearls.

17. Balm. Among all the sweetest names for girls we come across Melisa, who can also be found written as Melissa. Its origin is Greek and its meaning refers to the sweetness of honey.

20. Spring. This name is classy like none, don't you think? Parents who are looking for the most exotic names can opt for the English version that is Spring.

21. rose. If we talk about flower names for girls, Rosa is the first that comes to mind. Its origin is Latin and other names such as: Rosalinda, Rosana, Rosalba, Rosalía, Rosario or Rosaura can also be used as variants.

22. Suzanne. Of Egyptian origin, Susana means 'lotus flower'. Isn't that a lovely name? Sometimes the diminutive Su or Susi is used.

23. Violet. This is a very popular name among girls that, despite its frequent use, sounds very original. Many parents use to call their babies Vio. It is a Latin name that is used in a common way in France.

24. Zahra. We end up with a very exotic name: Zahra or Zahira. The origin of this name is Arabic and means 'white'.

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