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The Pinchón hedgehog. Nice short story about children's tantrums

The Pinchón hedgehog. Nice short story about children's tantrums

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The children's tantrums they can be exasperating for parents. Crying, tantrums, screaming ... and your son who doesn't listen to reason. Accompanying the little ones and helping them understand emotions such as anger, anger or frustration is important, and we can do it through a short story like this one, entitled 'The Pinchón Hedgehog'. We invite you to read it, reflect with your children on it and ask them some reading comprehension questions about the story.

Pinch was a very loving hedgehog. He was kind, affectionate… Everyone loved Pinchon.

In the morning he seldom woke up in a bad mood: he would slowly open his eyes, see his mother, and with a jump he would hug her and stay on her lap for a long time. He liked to pretend he was other animals imitating all their sounds, even the strangest growls. He also loved running chase after his blue ball or blowing giant soap bubbles when his dad bathed him at night.

One day, Pinchón woke up in the morning with a strange feeling... He opened his eyes slowly, as always, and saw that the sky was very cloudy. He got up feeling his body very heavy and when he saw his mother approach he asked:

- Mom, can I have breakfast of those rich red fruits that you sometimes bring?

- There are no red fruits, Pinchón, cold winter is coming.

Pinchón frowned. Suddenly, he didn't feel like making animal growls, or being with his mom. He reluctantly ate breakfast and observed with surprise that one of his quills had become very stiff, like the thorns of the rose bushes behind which he sometimes hid.

He frowned even more ...

- What's the matter with this pick!

ZIIIIIIIIIIIP! Another stiff pick like the first one!

Pinchón started to get really angry. He wasn't sure why, but noticing those stiff spikes made her face tighten and tighten and more spikes stand up.

Suddenly and unable to stop, all the spikes on his body became firm like little soldiers. Some even shot out !!

He ran, enraged. He poked his precious blue ball with those sharp spikes.

- Noooo! My ball!

His mother came to give him a hug, but when he tried to get closer he would hurt himself and he had to back off.

Pinchón wept inconsolably. She couldn't play, she couldn't hug her mom ... if she kept it up until night, she wouldn't even be able to play blowjob with her dad. He wanted to do all those things, but the spikes just wouldn't let him.

A long time passed. She tried to open her eyes wide, swollen from crying. He saw his shattered blue ball and his mother look at him with a worried face. He raised one of his little fingers and smashed a spike off his head. He noticed that the spike did not jump again, so he crushed another spike, this time from its side. He smashed a few more and, as if by magic, the rest of the spikes gradually softened. She stopped crying, wiped away her tears, and looked around. Everything was calm and he could see everything more clearly.

His mother's hug was the warmest and most tender you can imagine:

- Shall we put a patch on your blue ball?

Tantrums form part of personality development. It is difficult to deal with frustrations and it is a fundamental learning when we are children because, unfortunately, things are not always the way we want them to be.

When children are very young and still cannot express themselves through language, tantrums become their way of making us notice their frustration or their disgust. But tantrums are not only exhibited by babies: even in the first years of primary school, when children master the language perfectly, there are children who continue to have these types of episodes because they are in a phase in which they still do not manage their own well. disappointments, failures or failures.

It is important that children learn to self-regulate and overcome these issues on their own, and putting words to it or seeing it through games, stories or examples, helps them to project what happens to them. For this reason, in the comprehension work we propose both questions related to attention to reading and questions that offer a small space for reflection around tantrums.

Here are some reading comprehension questions that will let you know if your child has understood and paid attention to the story, but will also help you make your little one reflect on emotions such as anger and frustration.

1. What did Pinchon like to play?

2. What color was your ball?

3. Where was the first spike that Pinchón managed to knock down?

4. Why do you think all of Pinchón's quills stood up?

5. Do you think what happened to Pinchón was someone's fault?

6. Have you ever felt like Pinchón and have broken something that you really liked?

7. What do you think you have to do when what happened to Pinchón happens to you?

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