How to teach children to be entrepreneurs and the values ​​they will learn

How to teach children to be entrepreneurs and the values ​​they will learn

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Although there are some detractors of this position, it is important to make clear that when talking about support children to be entrepreneurs, rather than talking about teaching them to 'make money', it seeks to encourage in the smallest of the house some values ​​and behaviors typical of entrepreneurs: self-confidence, tolerance for failure, tenacity, creativity, willpower, leadership, responsibility or solidarity are just some of them. Let's see them cough!

According to the business consultant and best seller Cameron Herold in his TED talk 'Let's educate children to be entrepreneurs', children are creative and innately want to undertake new projects, so the values ​​of entrepreneurship can be instilled from very early on. early age. Herold also recognizes that there are some children who have more developed this entrepreneurial facet and that schools are not betting on the development of these capacities.

Teaching children to believe in their projects, to manage their ideas and put them into action or to think of new solutions to problems is very positive for them, whether they are entrepreneurs or not in their adult life. Here are some tips to teach your children to undertake, tips that you can follow on a day-to-day basis in the way you relate to your children.

1. Support their causes
If your son or daughter has a feasible idea about an activity they want to undertake, give them a hand, but always leaving a space for him or her to take the initiative. It is about supporting, not doing, it is about being by your side at a certain distance, so that you learn to be self-sufficient.

2. Teach him management tools
There's no use having an idea if you don't have a plan. Teach your son or daughter to make a little plan about what they would need to do if they want to achieve their project. Once again, let me make the decisions about what to do next. You can brainstorm, visual board, concept map… anything will help me begin to understand that to achieve something you need organization and a broader vision, as well as hard work.

3. Encourage them to develop their exposure skills
Any entrepreneur sooner or later has to face some kind of verbal exposure. Public speaking is very important to convince others that your project is as incredible as you think inside. For this reason, games in which the little ones expose while having fun are so important. For example, a theatrical game in which together with friends or family they expose themselves to other family members: it could be a written or invented play, an own version, the presentation of the news ... etc.

4. You too
It is clear that children learn what they see in their parents, so if you have an entrepreneurial attitude in your life, your children will soon internalize many of those values. It doesn't have to be a big project, sometimes simply organizing a market to sell the things that no longer serve you can be a good example.

5. Teach him to be supportive
Not always after the venture there must be economic profit. You can teach your children that actions can always be taken to be in solidarity with others, with a member of the family, with a neighbor or in an association. In addition, you can also teach them the concept of 'win to win', that is, that by undertaking not only one wins, but also the community. An easy example would be if your children want to sell their toys, donate half of the profits to a charity action. Anyway, once they understand the concept, they will soon be able to imagine any way to contribute a grain of sand. And it is that children are always the most creative.

6. Take him to entrepreneurship workshops for children
If your daughter or son shows true entrepreneurial skills, then perhaps you can promote their abilities by enrolling them in an entrepreneurship workshop for children. Little by little you can find these workshops in the main cities of the world, but if they do not exist in your locality, you can always talk to a cultural center, school or association to see how these workshops will arrive in your community. It can be a good way to show your children to take an action, which will also be beneficial for them.

Herold encourages parents in his TED talk not to give their children a weekly allowance, but to see how to earn a living, with the idea of ​​not fostering a traditional employment culture. Herold says: 'Weekly assignments, by nature, teach them to think about a job. And the entrepreneur does not expect regular pay (…) What I do with my children now - I have two, 9 and 7 years old - is teach them to walk around the house and the yard looking for things to do. Come and tell me what it is. Or I'll go and tell them: This is what I need. "

And then you know what we do? We negotiate. They are going to find what to do. But then we negotiate how much they are going to be paid. And they don't have a regular check, but they have more opportunities to find more things, and they learn the skill of negotiation and also the ability to find opportunities. '

Herold's vision may have several detractors. The fact that doing housework is always paid, obviates the collaborative spirit of all family members. It is also forgotten that the weekly allowance can be a way to bring security to the little ones. In addition, for many there is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​paid employment. Ultimately, it all depends on the vision of the parents and the agreement they want to reach in this regard. And you can always find a middle ground.

One of the main qualities of any entrepreneur is the ability to turn failures into opportunities or lessons of great value. Teaching the little ones to tolerate failure, so that more than the end of something can become the beginning of something else is a great lesson that will help prepare your children to be great entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs fail multiple times in their life, but learning from mistakes with positivity is essential to getting up and continuing to pursue your dreams.

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