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Why mothers seem to do nothing (when they do everything)

Why mothers seem to do nothing (when they do everything)

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My hard house cleans what it takes for children to go through it. No matter how much you collect, it always feels like a battlefield. No matter how hard you clean, there are always fingerprints on windows, chocolate stains on the sofa, or tiny pieces of paper all over the floor. So I spend the day cleaning and collecting, and in the end it always seems like I haven't done anything.

This is the day-to-day life of mothers with small children: cleaning, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking. A non-stop, go. And in the end, does anyone notice? But here we have the video that shows that mothers do not lie. Surely someone thinks that we are exaggerating. After seeing these images, they will change their minds. Find out why mothers seem to do nothing (when they do everything).

Clean and dirty as soon as you turn around. Put the clothes away and find them in two minutes on the floor. Trying to get rid of finger stains on the glass ... and start over. It is the day to day of a mother with children at home, from the time they get up until they go to bed. Holidays with children end up being exhausting. Put the washing machine, tend, clean the house, clean, go shopping, cook ... do not forget to play with the child and go back to doing everything you just did.

It is not easy to do while your child is in charge of undoing it at all times. And at the end of it all, there is no one who asks you the happy question: 'but what have you been doing all day?'. And here the self-control power of anger comes into play. At that very moment you will feel your patience being tested. Because only you know that in reality, you haven't stopped for a minute. Here are some images so that you understand what I mean ...

Once a friend said to me: 'But why are you picking up what your daughter throws on the ground? It's no use: he'll throw it away again! ' True. But admit it: it's something that comes from deep within you. The not stopping. Trying again and again an impossible (keep the house clean and tidy).

Let this at least be a comfort to many working full-time and stressed-out part-time mothers who see at the end of the day how their house is just as messy and dirty as it was in the morning, despite all his efforts to stop that earthquake called son.

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