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Santa Sandra's Day, March 20. Names for girls

Santa Sandra's Day, March 20. Names for girls

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Sandra is a feminine name whose origin is Greek that means 'the protector' or 'protective woman'. This name is a classic for newborn girls, since it gives them the characteristics of their etymology such as their strong but emotional, romantic, dreamy and condescending nature with the people around them. The name Sandra has been one of the most popular over the years, and she celebrates her name day on March 20, the day of Santa sandra, where all the girls with this beautiful name celebrate their special day.

Sandra carries a very special meaning that has to do with protection, and that is carried by the girls who have this beautiful name with their relationship with the people around them. 'The protector' or 'protective woman' always tries to be kind to others, letting herself be carried away by her dreamy personality that borders on romanticism, but does not detract from its strength in difficult moments.

- Origin of this name
The Greek origin of the name Alejandra gives rise to the Alessandra variant, which finally becomes Sandra this name that celebrates her saint on March 20. Other variants of Sandra's name are the Italian Alessa, the Bulgarian Aleksandrina, in Polish, Ola, or a very common name in Russia, Sasha.

- Sandra, in other languages
Another curiosity: in France, Sandras are called Sandrine, while in England, they prefer a diminutive: Sandy or Sandie.

- A names with a lot of glamor
It is precisely this force that becomes persevering in its work and when facing its challenges. Some women named Sandra who belong to the world of art and cinema are the Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, or the well-known film interpreter Sandra Oh. In the world of Spanish television there are well-known journalists such as Sandra Sabatés, Sandra Barneda or Sandra Golpe, women fighters who are very committed to their professional and personal activities.

And since we are talking about curiosities, we will tell you another one. March 20 is, initially, the day chosen to celebrate this birthday, but it is not the only one! If your little girl's name is Sandra, write down on the mobile calendar all the times you have to say that to her about .... Congratulations!

  • February 14th. Saint Alexandra of Egypt.
  • May 18. Saint Alexandra de Amisus, virgin and martyr.
  • April 22. Saint Alexandrina.
  • July 27th. Saint Alexandra of Russia.

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Do you want to discover which are the features that will stand out the most in your little one? It may seem hard to believe, but numerology can help you out. Each of the letters in this name stores a number (S-1, A-1, N-5, D-4, R-9 and A-1). If you add them all until there is only one left, you will get 3. And what does it mean?

- Positive traits
For children governed by the number 3, family is very important. They will lean on them to take small steps until they feel safe and fly alone. They learn quickly and are attracted to everything new. Another characteristic of them is that they are very sociable, they will not have problems making friends!

- Negative traits
There will be behaviors or behaviors that parents will have to observe and even correct for the good of the little girl. We speak of that excessive egocentricity produced by its high capacity for socialization. On the other hand, it would be good to educate them so that they do not become very manipulative people, since they always want everything to work out in their favor, and that sometimes cannot be.

Choosing a baby's name is a decision that must be made carefully. Therefore, even if you have almost 100% that your little girl's name is going to be Sandra because it is a Greek name that you love all your life, it would not be bad if you took a look at this list that we have prepared for you.

  • Adriana. His fame comes from being the male version of Adrián. It means 'the woman of the sea' and refers to people from the Adriatic Sea.
  • Diana. It is said that girls named like that are 'princesses' and their meaning is 'she who is enlightening'.
  • Electra. This Greek name meaning 'spark' or 'golden like the sun' has given rise to what is known in psychology as the Electra complex to refer to girls who are devoted to their father and who may experience jealousy towards their mother.
  • Helena. There is a lot of history surrounding this name due to the character of Helen of Troy, a gorgeous woman who was persuaded by Paris to elope together. Hence it is said that women so named are very loved.
  • Eleanor. It comes from the Greek word Leocadia and means 'the possessor of light'. In Spain it has had a few years of splendor, since the Princess of Asturias is called that.

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