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Alfredo's sadness. Short stories about emotions for children

Alfredo's sadness. Short stories about emotions for children

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How do we feel when we are sad? What exactly is sadness? What can we do to be happy again? Talk to children about emotions They help them to name them, to know how to identify them when they feel them and to manage them to feel better. For this, we use short stories like this one, entitled 'Alfredo's sadness'.

We have accompanied this story with some reading comprehension exercises and with other stories that address other basic children's emotions such as joy, fear or disgust.

When Raquel saw him shuffling through the park, crestfallenWith that look of sadness on his face, his heart was breaking.

He had been like this for months: he did not raise his head.

- Hi Alfredo! - He greeted his friend trying to show normality.

Alfredo only made a gesture of greeting with your hand without lifting your head.

- Do you want to come with me for a walk this afternoon? I have discovered a place that you will love - he said.

Alfredo, against all odds, accepted the offer, and Raquel met him at five o'clock in the first tree that was on the road that led to the river.

Spring was coming in and the forest was especially beautiful in those days. When they arrived, Raquel saw Alfredo leaning against the tree on the road.

- Hi! - He greeted from afar.

Alfredo did not raise his head, he was looking at something on the ground that was very entertaining.

- See that bird? - He said when he was by his side.

Raquel crouched down to get a closer look. A baby sparrow had fallen from the tree and was chirping with all its might in fear.

- ¡That is how I feel! - Alfredo said suddenly without looking at her face.

Raquel felt a pang in the heart; his friend had never spoken so openly about his feelings.

Suddenly two larger birds came down from the sky and fluttered around the sparrow, calming him down, while Raquel put her hand affectionately on his shoulder. Alfredo noticed where the birds came from, and saw the nest on a not very high branch.

- ¡I have to go up there! - said.

Alfredo stepped forward, took the baby sparrow in his hands and climbing up the trunk managed to return the little one to its nest.

When Raquel helped her friend down from the tree, she saw that something had changed in his eyes; for the first time in a long time her eyes showed something more than sadness.

- Do you hear that? - Raquel asked.

Alfredo was silent: the sparrow, calmer, no longer chirped.

The pleasant noise of the river came.

When they reached the shore they saw a poor kitten who, slipping over and over againHe was holding onto some branches to avoid falling into the water.

- ¡This is how I feel many times! - Alfredo said. Raquel hugged him.

Alfredo ran to his aid and was able to save the animal. Again that flash of brightness appeared in his eyes.

The two friends continued their walk through the woods.

- What was that you wanted to show me? - Alfredo asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

- Follow me! - Raquel shouted, and ran through the trees.

Alfredo ran after her until he stopped in a beautiful valley. He led him through a cave until he reached the back of a beautiful waterfall that fell into the river. The drops that formed the beautiful curtain of water bathed his face, and then something surprising happened: Alfredo sighed and smiled. Raquel, when she saw him happy, gave a loud laugh and shouted:

- ¡This is how I feel when I see you happy!

Alfredo listened to his friend and this time it was he who hugged her, being aware of what he was feeling at that moment.

Thanks to everything that happened that afternoon, Alfredo understood that the joy is in helping and knowing how to receive the support of others, in our attitude towards life, and although it is normal that sometimes we are sad, it depends mainly on us to go with that sparkle in the eyes, the brisk step and the head held high.

After reading this beautiful story, we propose some activities with which you can work with your children on reading comprehension and other concepts they have learned in class.

1. Reading comprehension questions about this short story
We begin this small series of exercises with some questions with which you can get an idea of ​​whether your child has paid attention to reading and, more importantly, has understood what he has read.

- How did Alfredo feel at the beginning of the story?

- What did Raquel invite you to do?

- What was wrong with the little bird you saw in the forest?

- And the cat?

- How did Alfredo feel when he helped you?

- And when did you go with Raquel to see the waterfall?

2. We look in the dictionary for words that we have not understood
Depending on your child's level of knowledge, he may not have understood the meaning of some of the words or expressions that have appeared in the text. To stimulate his curiosity, but also to help him learn to look in the dictionary, you can encourage him to look up the meaning of all those words that he has not understood. Here are some that you might have questions about:

- Head down

- Break your heart

- Do not lift your head

- Give him a stab in the heart

- waterfall

3. Use this story as dictation
Dictations have many benefits for children. They allow them to practice spelling rules, but also to brush up on grammar or put their best penmanship into practice. All of this while improving their concentration and their ability to listen.

Given all the benefits these exercises have for children, turning part of the story you've read into dictation can be a great idea. Prepare paper and pencil (or pen, whatever your child uses) and tell them an excerpt from this story, the part that you liked the most.

As you have already seen, this short story about 'Alfredo's sadness' is a great educational resource to talk with children about different emotions. Specifically, with this story we work on sadness, but also joy or happiness. The Emotional education of our children cannot become a pending subject, so below we propose other stories that speak of other emotions.

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